Airtable for mobile Field types
  • 22 Aug 2022
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Airtable for mobile Field types

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List of field types :

Single Line Text – Input a single line of text. Best for short, unique pieces of text. If you repeat the same values frequently, consider using some of the other field types, such as single select, multiple option, or linked record.
Long Text – Enter multiple lines of text. You can enter new lines into a long text field, and even @mention a collaborator inside the text. Long text fields are common in bases because they're a great way to capture notes that don't fit into other fields.
Attachment – Attach multiple files directly to your records. The cell will show thumbnail previews of the files you've attached, which you can tap to open in an expanded preview or download directly to your phone. (For a more in-depth explanation of how to use an attachment type field, see More on the attachment field type.)
Checkbox – Note true/false values. Tap to add a checkbox to your record or to remove it.
Single Select – Choose one option from a set of options you have predefined. You’ll see a drop-down list of the options when you edit the cell. Use this in situations with only one possible value.
Multiple Select – Select one or more options from a predefined dropdown list. Use it to tag records with multiple values.
Date and Time – Enter a date and time (optional) into a cell.
Phone Number – Enter a phone number with a phone-specific keyboard. You can call or text the number directly from this field.
Email – Enter an email address
URL – Input a URL, which will automatically be validated. You can go directly to the URL from the expanded record view.
Number – Enter a numeric value. You can specify if the value is an integer or decimal, the number of significant digits, and whether or not it can be a negative number.
Currency — Input a numerical value that will be formatted as currency, using the currency symbol of your choice, in the form of $1.00.
Percent – Enter a numeric value to be formatted as a percentage. You can select the precision of the percentage.
Auto Number – This field generates a unique, automatically incremented number for each record. It can be used to create unique IDs.
Barcode – This field type will allow you to scan barcodes or QR codes using your device camera. (For a more in-depth explanation of how to use a barcode type field, see More on the barcode field type.)
Collaborator – This field type lets you choose from a drop-down list of workspace and base collaborators of all permission levels. By default, a collaborator field is set to notify collaborators when their name has been added to a cell. (For more on adding collaborators, see Add a collaborator.)
Rating – The rating field allows you to rate your records for the purposes of ranking or quality assessment. From the field customization menu, you can set the maximum rating allowed (from 1 to 10).
Duration – The duration field is intended for use with time durations measured in minutes, seconds, or milliseconds.
Link to Another Record – This field type will allow you to link to records of related data. (For more on how to use linked records, see Linking between tables using linked records.)

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