Page designer extension overview
  • 31 Jan 2024
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Page designer extension overview

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We recommend using Interface Designer instead of page designer, when applicable to your project(s).

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All paid plans


  • Owners/Creators - Can create, delete, and modify extensions

  • Editors - Can edit the configuration of previously configured extensions


Web/Browser, Mac app, and Windows app

With the page designer extension, you can create your own custom invoices, business cards, catalogs, real estate feature sheets, casting sheets, and more—all using the data directly from your records. When you're done making everything look beautiful, you can print out your records or turn them into PDFs.

Watch these videos to learn more about how to set up and use a page designer extension, or read on for further information. For specifics on editing a page designer extension, view this article.

Configuring page designer settings

Page designer settings

When you first add a page designer extension to a dashboard, it'll automatically open the new page designer extension's settings. You can select:

  • Table: the table containing the records you want to turn into pages.

  • Record size: the size of the page you want to design. By default, it's set to Letter (8.5 x 11 in), but you can set it to another preset (like A4 or Business card) or set your own custom dimensions.

  • Record orientation: either Portrait or Landscape.


Page Designer has a pixel conversion (PPI) of 109 pixels per inch. In centimeters (PPC), this is about 43 pixels per centimeter.

Using presentation mode in page designer extension

You can view each of your records as pages in presentation mode by clicking the Present button.

In edit mode, find and click the Present button to show this extension in presentation mode.

Viewing pages in page designer extension

Understanding the navigational buttons

  • As you're designing your page, the content will be pulled from the actual records in your table. You can easily toggle between which records you are previewing by clicking on the Previous record and Next record buttons in the top bar.

  • To jump straight to a specific record, click Go to record. This will bring up a search dialog which you can use to navigate to the record you wish to see.


How can I export a single page designer page as a PDF?

Click Print in the upper right corner of the page you want to convert to a PDF. This will open up your specific computer's printing configuration. In most cases, you'll need to change the destination from the default printer to the option "Save as PDF" or something similar. 

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