Updates to Airtable plans
  • 14 Sep 2022
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Updates to Airtable plans

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We are updating the features that are included in Airtable’s Free, Plus, and Pro plans as of January 11th, 2022. But we’re not changing our prices for these plans. Here’s what you can expect:

  • For all new accounts: If you sign up for Airtable or switch to a new plan after January 2022, you’ll have access to our newest plans, all described in this article.
  • For existing Free or Pro accounts: If you’re an existing Free or Pro user and prefer your current plan, you can keep it. No action is required. If you decide to change your Airtable plan, you’ll receive the newest version of our plans.
  • For existing Plus accounts: You’re automatically updated to the new Plus plan. This update adds more powerful functionality with no new limitations. No action is required. If you decide to switch to Airtable Pro or Airtable Free you’ll be put on the newest version of our plans.

About the updates

After hearing feedback that users on our Free and Plus plans would like to get more power and functionality, we’ve added advanced features like extensions and sync integrations (formerly called external source sync) to each plan. These features, previously only available to Pro and Enterprise customers, are especially helpful for teams that want to analyze and take action with their records and bring external data into Airtable. Pro will continue to be our most powerful plan (outside of our Enterprise plan), including 10 extensions per base, 10 synced tables per base, and 7 sync integrations per workspace.

The updates to our Free plan will still allow people to add an unlimited number of collaborators with read-only or commenter permissions, but will limit the addition of editors, creators, or owners to a total of five. Our Plus and Pro plans offer expanded record and attachment capacity, a higher number of extensions and sync sources, and additional features designed for teams that need more power and collaboration capabilities.

Key changes to each plan

Free plan

Plus plan

Pro plan

  • Install up to 10 extensions per base
  • Access to 7 sync integrations per workspace (Including the Jira cloud premium integration)
  • Ability to create up to 10 synced tables per base

Airtable also offers an Enterprise plan built for large, fast-moving organizations that need more security, control, and power for their teams. If you’re interested in learning more about Airtable Enterprise, contact our sales team.

How to update

Free plan

If your workspace has under 5 collaborators with permissions of editor or higher, then we invite you to update your workspace to the new Free plan.

  1. Click on the "Free plan" tag next to the workspace's name.
  2. This will bring you to the workspace settings page where you can click change billing plan.
  3. This will bring you to the pricing page. Here, you should see an option to "Update my Free plan" in the header at the top.

If your workspace has exactly 5 collaborators with permissions of editor or higher, you'll want to consider updating to the new free plan. While you may benefit from gaining access to 1 extension per base as well as 1 Sync integration per workspace, you will need to upgrade to the Plus plan in the future if you add another editor or creator as a workspace or base collaborator. Please contact our Support team to have them manually adjust the plan for you.

Finally, if your workspace has over 5 collaborators with permissions of editor or higher, you may want to stick with the old Free plan. Your team may miss out on some new Free plan features, but you will need to upgrade to the Plus or Pro plan if you intend on keeping the same number of collaborators with editor or creator permissions.

Plus plan

Plus plan workspaces should be auto-migrated to the new Plus plan package since all of the updates are beneficial to these workspaces. If you see any Plus plan workspaces on an outdated plan that needs to be updated, then please contact our Support team.

Pro plan

As a thank you for being a loyal customer, all Pro workspaces prior to January 2022 will not be updated automatically. If you choose to change from this plan, you will not be able to regain access to the legacy Pro plan.


Will my Free plan workspace be automatically moved to the new Free plan?

No. Workspaces on Airtable’s Free plan that were created prior to the January 2022 plan updates will be given a choice to stay on their current plan with less features but unlimited editors and collaborators, or move to the new plan with more features and a 5 editor limit and unlimited collaborators.

How can I see which plan my Free plan workspace is on?

  • Step 1: Log into Airtable and access the workspace settings page for any workspace you are an owner of.
  • Step 2: Select “change billing plan” to be taken to the pricing plan page for your workspace
  • Step 3: Review the features listed under the Free plan and if they do not list access to 1 extension or 1 sync integration then your workspace is on the old Free plan.

How do I update my workspace to the new Free plan?

When you go to your workplace settings page, you can click on the "Change billing plan" option. This will take you to the plans page where you should see a banner at the top of the page that says “Update my Free plan.” When you click the banner, you’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough to update your workspace to our new Free plan. This should only take a few minutes. If this banner does not appear on your workspace’s pricing page or you have other questions, please contact our support team.

Will my Plus plan be updated automatically?

Because the updates to Airtable Plus include no new limitations and more powerful features, we will automatically update all Plus plans. Your plan will now include 3 extensions and 3 sync integrations, as well as form customization. There is no action you need to take as a Plus workspace owner.

Will my Pro plan be updated automatically?

All current Pro users will retain access to our legacy Pro plan, to say thank you for being a loyal customer and give you maximum power for your account. If you change from this plan, you will not be able to regain access to the legacy Pro plan.

Do the limits on extensions per base mean extension installs?

Yes. Every install of an extension on an Airtable base counts towards a plan’s extension limit. An example of this would be something like the Chart extension; every chart created is a new installation of the Chart extension meaning every chart created would count towards that base’s plan extension limit.

Do the scripting extension and custom block SDK count towards per base extension limits?

No. Users will still be able to add the scripting extension and use custom block SDK without having it count towards their plan’s extension limit.

What does Enterprise pricing look like?

Each enterprise organization is different with specific needs. If you’re interested in Airtable Enterprise, our team would love to talk to you. You can contact our sales team to learn more.

Will my price change?

No. All plan prices will remain the same, with Plus charged at $10/user/month (annual billing) and Pro charged at $20/user/month (annual billing).

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