Use case managing your PR outreach in Airtable
  • 22 Aug 2022
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Use case managing your PR outreach in Airtable

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Welcome to the PR Outreach template guide! This template helps you manage your pitches and organize all of your PR outreach.

You can find the PR Outreach template here.


This template is based on PorchCam, a fictional company that makes high-tech home security cameras. Their PR team uses Airtable to manage their various press pitches, track relevant press and media contacts, and log all of their press outreach attempts.

Getting Started

We'll cover some of the major workflows in this template to help you get started. Airtable is also incredibly flexible and customizable, so if you need to make some tweaks, you can simply modify the setup to meet your needs!

Managing your press outreach attempts

  • Track all of your press outreach attempts either on a kanban board or in a grid view. Simply click on the dropdown in the view bar to switch between views in each table.
  • Update an outreach attempt's status and log any additional information if there are new developments. You can update the status of an outreach attempt by either dragging a card from one column to another in the kanban view or updating it manually in a grid view.
  • Create a new outreach attempt when you're reaching out to any press & media contact. Start by selecting the press pitch you'll be using and the targeted press contact. The Outreach name is actually a formula field that concatenates the press pitch and the target, so it'll automatically display when those two fields are completed. You can also select the outreach assignee, the status of the outreach attempt, and the initial outreach date.
  • You can also create a view for each assignee so that they're able to manage their own outreach. Simply create a new view and filter it to only display the outreach records that are assigned to a specific person.

Planning a new PR pitch

  • Click into the Pitches table to manage all of your existing pitches.
  • Create a new press pitch from scratch! You can then select the pitch type, the pitch lead, targeted release date, and more!
  • You can even drag and drop any supporting materials into an attachments field.

Adding and updating your press & media contacts

  • Go to the Press & Media Contacts table to add or update information for your contacts. You can update your current relationship with a contact, see the relevant articles that they've written, and view any notes that you've jotted down about them.
  • You can even expand the record for a contact to view all of their details for in a full-page view.
  • Use the Relevant Articles table to add new articles that are relevant to your company. There's also a calendar view that lets you see all of the articles displayed on a calendar by their publish date.
  • Similarly, you can also add new publications to the Publications table


  • Airtable makes it easy to collaborate with your team whenever you need. You can @mention a teammate on a record to write a message and notify them. You could use this to notify a teammate that you've reached out to a contact or ask a question about a particular pitch.
  • You can also add your teammates as collaborators so that they'll have access to the template.


To learn about an advanced workflow in this template that lets you easily add multiple press outreach attempts at the same time, watch the short video below:

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