Adding and configuring the web clipper extension
  • 03 Apr 2023
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Adding and configuring the web clipper extension

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Article Summary

The web clipper extension allows you and other Airtable creators to quickly gather information from webpages and "clip" that information as new records in Airtable. To start adding content from the web to one of your Airtable bases, you need to:

  • Install the Airtable web clipper browser extension.
  • Add at least one clip action from a web clipper extension to your browser extension, either: a clip action that you’ve configured yourself, or a clip action configured by another collaborator in a base you have edit access to.

We'll cover this and more in the article below.


Plan availabilityAll plan types with varying limits based on the workspace billing plan

Owners/Creators - Can install the web clipper extension and use it to clip information as new records in Airtable.

Platform(s)Web/Browser, Mac app, and Windows app

Installing the Airtable web clipper browser extension

The Airtable web clipper browser extension lets you select a clip action to create a new record in an Airtable base, using content from whatever web page you’re currently looking at. It appears as an Airtable logo button to the right of your address bar.

To get started, open Chrome and go to the Airtable Chrome extension, then click the blue Add to Chrome button to install the Airtable web clipper browser extension.


Please note that at this time, web clipper is only available for Google Chrome.

Creating a new clip action

To create a new clip action, go to the base into which you’d like to add new clipped records and add a new web clipper extension.


After giving your new clip action a name and picking a table to add records to, you can click the "Add to extension" button to add your newly created clip action to your browser extension, or click "Skip for now" to jump to customizing your clip action.

Customizing a clip action

Customizing your clip action lets you choose what kind of content goes into different fields when you create a new record with the browser extension.


You can either set a default value for a field (which will prefill the new record with information from the web page) or select None for the default value. If you don’t select a default value for a field, you can fill in that field with your own content (like freeform text or a screenshot of the web page) before creating the new record.

Once you’ve set up all the fields you’d like, click the Add to extension button (if you didn’t already do so in the previous screen). You’re ready to start clipping! Note that the Web Clipper extension currently only supports adding a single new record every time a clip action is used on a web page.

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