Regional access restrictions
  • 16 Nov 2023
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Regional access restrictions

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Article Summary

Use of Airtable is not permitted in certain regions subject to United States sanctions and export control laws and regulations. More information can be found in our Terms of Service.

If you access Airtable from one of these regions, you may have received notice that your Airtable Account will be deactivated. If you believe your Airtable access should not be restricted, please contact our support team.

How to download your Airtable data prior to deactivation

Downloading Tables as CSV files

Information in Airtable can only be downloaded one table at a time. In order to download an entire Airtable base, you will need to download the information in each table in the base individually. You can download a table as a CSV file by:

  • Navigating to the table.

  • Making all fields visible.

  • Removing any filters.

  • Clicking on the carrot next to the name of the view, then selecting the "Download CSV" menu option. This functionality is only available on our web and desktop applications.


Downloading an entire base

To download an entire base, you will need to repeat the above steps for each table in the base.


CSV Table Exports do not include attachments, record-level comments, field descriptions, base guide content, and data stored solely in extensions.

Downloading Attachments

Attachments are not included in CSV exports.

If a table has a small number of attachments , we recommend downloading them one at a time by clicking into each attachment > clicking the Download button.


If a table has a large number of attachments, you can contact our Support team to have a workspace on your account upgraded to a temporary Pro Plan. Once upgraded, you can then add the Bulk Download extension to that workspace, which will allow you to download the contents of an entire attachment field at once. In the email, please specify which workspace to upgrade. We recommend upgrading the workspace that contains the base with the attachments you would like to download. If there are multiple workspaces that contain bases from which you would like to bulk download attachments, we recommend moving (or duplicating) these bases into the Pro Plan workspace.

After support responds to your request, please follow the instructions below on bulk downloading attachments:

  1. Install the Bulk Download extension in the base with the attachments you would like to bulk download.

  2. Sign up for Mini Extensions

  3. After creating an account, navigate to and copy your account’s API key.

  4. Download attachments with the Bulk Download extension

    • Open the bulk download extension.

    • Fill out all fields, specify which attachment field you would like to download attachments from, and paste the API key into the miniExtensions API Key field .

    • Click Done > Download Attachments to bulk download the attachments.

    • Keep the window open until the file has downloaded to your computer. This may take several minutes.

    • Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the extension to download attachments from a different field in the same base.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 above to bulk download attachments from other bases on the Pro Plan workspace.

Collaborator access to workspaces and bases following account deactivation

If your account is the owner of a workspace with collaborators, those collaborators will still have access to the workspace (or the base, in the case of base collaborators) after your account is deactivated. 

Transferring ownership

If you would like to ensure that a different account retains ownership of a workspace going forward, we recommend adding additional owners to the workspace. This support article describes how to transfer ownership of a base or workspace.

Removing all collaborators

If you would like to ensure that no account retains access to a workspace you own, you can remove all collaborators from that workspace.

What to do if you believe your Airtable access should not be restricted

If you believe your Airtable access should not be restricted, please contact our support team.

Error messages related to this policy

If you've seen the error messages and codes below, they are related to this policy:

  • Code=406

  • We’re sorry but Airtable is not available in your location

  • We’re sorry but Airtable is not available to users with an email address at this domain.

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