Changes to Airtable Plans
  • 06 Dec 2023
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Changes to Airtable Plans

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Article Summary

We updated our Airtable plan packages on August 23rd, 2023. The article below will help guide you in what you should expect, regardless of whether you are new to Airtable or a longtime user. In summary, here’s what you can expect:

  • The Free plan has a few changes to limits and feature availability
  • The Pro plan is becoming the Team plan with some limit and feature changes. Team will be available at the same Pro pricing:
    • $20 per user per month (Annual plan)
    • $24 per user per month (Monthly plan)
  • The Plus plan is being deprecated. Plus users will be able to access the Team plan at their existing Plus plan pricing as long as they don’t make any changes to their plan.
  • We are introducing two new plans for organizations:
    • Business, for small businesses and departments:
      • $45 per user per month (Annual plan)
      • $54 per user per month (Monthly plan)
    • And Enterprise Scale, for large organizations:

Why is Airtable making these changes?

  • At Airtable, we’re continually updating and improving our offerings to better serve our customers. Over the past few years, we’ve released a number of new products and features that impact the ways customers build and execute together in Airtable. As a result, we’re updating our pricing model to ensure customers have a flexible pricing and plan structure that grows with them as they get more value from Airtable. We made these changes based on feedback from our customers, data on how we see our customers using the platform, and the value provided by new capabilities released over the past few years.
  • Our new plans give you a progressive journey as your organization’s use of Airtable becomes more complex, mapping the features and functionality that you need with your stage of growth. We’re excited to give smaller organizations easier ways to get access to more powerful features, while also giving larger organizations more powerful plans and more options for how they purchase Airtable.

Understanding the changes to your workspace

New Airtable users

If you sign up for Airtable or switch to a new plan after August 23rd, 2023, then you’ll have access to our newest plans, as described in this article and on our pricing page

Existing Free plan users

Free users will receive notifications via email and in Airtable about our upcoming change starting August 23rd. On September 12th, 2023, we will begin moving users to the new version of our Free plan, which is when you will start to see changes to your limits go into effect. To check your current usage against the new plan limits, go to the workspace settings page where you will see a breakdown of your feature usage in that workspace. If you need to continue using certain features like sync integrations and extensions, which will only be available on Airtable’s paid plans moving forward, explore upgrading to one of our new plans.

Here is a breakdown of the changes we are making to the Free plan:

FeatureCurrent/Legacy Free planNew Free plan
Maximum users with commenter permissionsUnlimited50 per workspace
Records per base12001000
Attachment storage per base2 GB1 GB
Extensions per base1 extensionN/A
Sync integrations per base1 sync integrationN/A
API calls per workspace/per monthUnlimited1000
Existing Plus plan users

On August 23rd, 2023, all current Plus plan workspace owners will start receiving notifications via email and in Airtable about their upcoming plan transition. No changes will go into effect until the week of September 25, 2023. 

  • Starting September 25th, we will begin transitioning Plus workspaces to our new Team plan and automatically apply a discount on the new plan. Plus users will have access to the Team plan at the current Plus pricing model ($10/user/month billed annually or $12/user/month billed monthly).
  • It’s important to note that if you change your plan or do not renew your existing Plus plan, then you will no longer have access to this courtesy pricing.

Here is a breakdown of the changes you can expect when moving from the Plus plan to the new Team plan:

FeatureCurrent/Legacy Plus planNew Team plan
Price per user with Commenter permissions or higher in at least one base$10/user/month billed annually or $12/user/month billed monthlyWill remain at your current Plus plan pricing as you as you do not change your plan
Records per base5000 records50000 records
Extensions per base3 extensionsAccess to all extensions
Sync integrations per base3 sync integrationsAccess to all standard sync integrations
Attachment storage per base5 GB20 GB
Expanded color and formatting optionsN/AIncluded
Advanced calendar featuresN/AIncluded
Password and domain-restricted sharesN/AIncluded
Field and table editing permissionsN/AIncluded
Granular interface permissionsN/AIncluded
Automation runs per month (per workspace)500025000
Automation run history6 months1 year
Gantt and timeline viewN/AIncluded
Personal and locked viewsN/AIncluded
View sectionsN/AIncluded
API calls per workspace/per monthUnlimited100000
Please consult the section above or visit our pricing page to see more comparisons.
Existing Pro plan users
Airtable previously made the decision to allow 10 GB of attachment space per base, however, we've decided to allow 20 GB of attachments per base so that the Team plan is more in line with the legacy Pro plan's limits.

On August 23rd, 2023, all current Pro plan workspace owners will start receiving notifications via email and in Airtable about their upcoming plan transition (their pricing will remain the same on Team). Starting September 18th, 2023, Pro workspaces in Airtable will be automatically migrated to the new Team plan. Pro users will see similar functionality to what they’re currently using on Airtable today, with a few differences.

Here is a breakdown of the changes you can expect when the workspace is migrated from the Pro plan to the new Team plan:

FeatureCurrent/Legacy Pro planNew Team plan
Automation runs per month (per workspace)5000025000
Sync integrations3 sync integrationsAccess to all standard sync integrations
Multi-source syncIncludedN/A
Extensions per base10Access to all extensions
API calls per workspace/per monthUnlimited100000
Existing Enterprise organizations

Airtable’s new Enterprise Scale plan is for large enterprises building flexible and powerful apps that scale across their organizations. Some smaller organizations currently on the Enterprise plan may migrate to the new Business plan with the help of our sales team. If you are currently on Airtable’s Enterprise plan, your account team will reach out to discuss your plan options leading up to your contract renewal. No changes will take place automatically. If you’re interested in the new features available on the Enterprise Scale plan or would like to get in touch before then, contact sales


How can I see which plan my workspace is on?

To begin, you must have workspace Owner permissions to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log into Airtable or navigate to the homescreen.
  • Step 2: Move your cursor to the left sidebar of the homescreen to find the section named All workspaces. From here you can choose whichever workspace you want to check first.
  • Step 3: Near the top right portion of the workspace page you’ll see a … icon. Click this icon and then click Workspace settings.
  • Step 4: This will open the workspace settings in a new browser tab. From here you can find out which plan you are on under the Workspace plan section on the right side of the page.
How do I manage my plan subscription?

To manage your workspace’s subscription, access your workspace's settings page by going to your account page, then clicking the title of the workspace you'd like to update in the left sidebar.

What happens if I’m over limits when I get moved to a new plan?

You can check your current feature usage in the workspace settings tab. If you are over limits none of your data will be removed or deleted from Airtable, but you will see notifications that you have exceeded new limits (or are using functionality that is no longer available) once you’ve been transitioned to a new plan.

  • Records and storage space: you will need to upgrade to a higher plan if you want to add a new record or an attachment. 
  • Sync integrations and extensions: these will be disabled if they are no longer available on your current plan, but they can be turned back on without any reconfiguration needed if you upgrade. 
  • Automations: your automations will trigger until you hit the monthly run limit.
  • API calls: we may slow your rate limit after you’ve reached your usage limit. Please see our current rate limits in our developer docs or upgrade to a higher plan to increase your API usage.
If I currently have a Non-Profit/EDU discount what will happen to my pricing?

If you’re currently on the Pro plan with a Non-Profit/EDU discount, your discount will automatically get applied to your new Team plan subscription. 

What will happen if I downgrade to the Free plan?

You will not incur any additional charges, and your existing access to Airtable will continue until the end of your current billing period. If you would like to downgrade immediately, you can contact support to receive a refund in the form of Airtable credits for the remaining time. It’s worth noting that if you are over any of the Free plan limits when you downgrade, then you will lose access to certain features that are not available on the Free plan. Be sure to think about this before downgrading a workspace so that you can properly prepare any of the bases you may want to continue using. 

Will my plan be updated automatically?

Yes, if you are currently on a Free, Plus, or Pro plan. Free, Plus, and Pro plan workspaces will be migrated in early-mid September to the new Free & Team plans, respectively. At this point, Plus plan workspaces will have access to the new Team plan’s features at the same price per user of the current Plus plan. If the workspace is not renewed at some point in the future, then access to the Team plan will be available at the normal Team plan pricing rate as outlined on our pricing page.

Will my Pro plan be updated automatically?

All current Pro workspaces will be moved to the new Team plan starting September 18th, 2023. If the workspace hasn’t been changed to another plan or if the billing cadence has not been altered (Monthly to Annual or vice versa) by September 18, 2023, then Airtable will retain the same billing cycle/renewal date that existed when the workspace was on the Pro plan.

Can I upgrade individual workspaces to Enterprise Scale?

If you’re currently a member of an organization that’s on our legacy Enterprise plan, you’ll only be able to upgrade individual workspaces you own to Enterprise until your organization transitions to Enterprise Scale with the help of our sales team.

What does Enterprise Scale plan pricing look like?

Each enterprise organization is different with specific needs. If you’re interested in Airtable Enterprise Scale, our team would love to talk to you. You can contact our sales team to learn more.

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