Deleting data in Airtable
  • 26 Mar 2024
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Deleting data in Airtable

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Deleting Airtable accounts

Please follow the instructions in this article on deleting your account.

Deleting Airtable workspaces


As a reminder, only workspace owners are eligible to delete their workspaces.

Please follow the instructions in this article on deleting workspaces

Deleting Airtable bases


Only users with workspace creator permissions are eligible to delete bases hosted within their workspace. 

Please follow the instructions in this article on deleting a base.

Deleting Airtable records 

To permanently delete a record, follow the steps in the deleting records article. After that, duplicate the base where the deleted record lived, and finally, delete the original base to ensure the deletion of any snapshots that could contain the deleted record.

After deleting Airtable data, that data remains on Airtable's services for a retention period before being permanently deleted. During the retention period, users can recover deleted data through the trash dialog or review and identify updated workspace or base data—including which collaborator made changes. 

Once the retention period is complete, your data is permanently deleted and no longer accessible.


To permanently delete your data before the retention period is complete, please contact for additional instructions.

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