Receiving base activity notifications in Slack
  • 03 Apr 2024
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Receiving base activity notifications in Slack

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  • In Airtable - You’ll need base access to be able to configure a Slack notification rule for that particular base.

    • It’s important to note that this Slack integration may be blocked by your organization in admin panel on the settings page. You may need to reach out to your internal IT/Admin team to have this setting adjusted.

  • In Slack - You’ll need to authenticate with your Slack account, which could be personal or work-related.


Web/Browser, Mac app, Windows app

You can use the Airtable integration to receive updates in specified Slack channels whenever changes are made to:

  • Airtable bases

  • Specific records in bases

  • Specific views in bases

You can create as many Slack notification rules as necessary so that different bases can post updates to other channels. For example, you may want changes in your "Applicant Tracking" base to notify your team in the "#recruiting" Slack channel, while changes in your "Bugs" base are posted to your "#dev" channel.

Add Slack notification rules

To set up a new Slack notification rule:

  1. Go to the Airtable base you want to receive notifications from

  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the base name, then the ellipses icon , and click Slack notifications.

  3. Then, choose “Which base would you like to receive updates from?” and “What channel do you want updates to be posted to?”

Alternatively, go to the Slack notifications page directly, where you can add a new notification rule or see all of the other rules that you've set up. From here, you can create a new notification rule or modify an existing notification rule by clicking Add a Slack notification rule.

Configuring notification rules

On the notification rule configuration page:

  1. First, select the base you'd like to post updates from if it hasn't been set already.

  2. Next, choose the Slack channel that you'd like to post updates to.

  3. An authorization window may appear that you will need to Allow for the integration to work.

Once a rule has been created, you can also:

  • Disable the rule to stop it from posting updates

  • Send a test message to make sure that everything is working

  • Remove the integration altogether

After configuring a rule, give it a try! Make some updates to the base that you selected in the rule, and watch Slack to see the updates appear.

Base notification limitations

  • In situations where a record enters a view not as the result of a user-initiated action (e.g. a view based on a filter tied to time), the slack notification for a view will not trigger. This has important implications for automated, time-based reminders.

  • For changes made in specific views, only changes made to visible fields will trigger notifications. Changes made to hidden fields will not trigger a Slack notification.


In the cases highlighted above and other customer use cases you can build custom Slack notifications using the Airtable Automations feature.

Learn more about our Slack automation actions here.

OAuth scopes and security

For this portion of our product integration with Slack, we only interact with one API scope from Slack.

Scope name

Scope purpose


Post to the Slack channel

To learn more about Slack's scopes, check out their  scope and security documentation.

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