Expanding records
  • 10 Apr 2023
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Expanding records

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Each record can be expanded to show all of the information in all of the fields for a single record in a full-size page. Each expanded record also shows the record activity feed, which contains both the record-level revision history and any comments made on the record. There are also some additional options available to send, duplicate, print, or delete the record from the expanded window as well as the link icon that allows you to quickly copy the URL/link to a specific expanded record.

How to expand a record

While in a grid view, you can expand a record (row) by clicking the double arrow icon next to the primary field of the record. The icon appears when you mouse over a record. You can also expand a record by pressing the space bar when a cell has been selected.


While in a calendar view, you can expand a record by clicking on a record card, then clicking the expand record button on the mini-card that appears.


From gallery or kanban view, you can expand a record card by clicking anywhere on the card.


Inside an expanded record

An expanded record shows all of the information in all of the fields for a particular record. The order of fields in expanded records when opened from an extension is based on the order of fields in the view at the top of the view switcher of the table it's pulling from.

If you're looking at an expanded record while in a view with hidden fields, those fields will be hidden at the bottom of the record by default, but you can expand them to take a closer look by clicking on the hidden fields dropdown button at the bottom of the expanded record.


From within an expanded record, you can switch to the next record or previous record either by using the up and down arrows at the top of the expanded record, or by using the keyboard shortcuts CtrlShift and CtrlShift> (on some keyboards this may show as: CtrlShift, and CtrlShift. ).


You can customize fields from within an expanded record by clicking the dropdown arrow icon in the header of the field you wish to customize, which will bring up the field customization menu.



A reminder that primary fields cannot been hidden or deleted. Those options will appear greyed-out in the drop-down menu.

You can also add a new field to your table from within an expanded record by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the expanded record, then clicking the + Add a field to this table option.


The record activity feed

In addition to containing all of the information in all the fields for a record, an expanded record also shows the record activity feed, which shows the record-level revision history and any comments made on the record.


You can toggle hiding and showing the activity feed by pressing the speech bubble icon near the top right corner of the expanded record.


You can also configure your record watch settings by clicking the bell icon.


Additional options

By clicking the three-dot, ellipses icon you can bring up a menu of options including:

Additionally, clicking on the link/URL icon will allow you to easily copy the link to the expanded record for easy sharing with base collaborators.


Sending records from an expanded record

This option will open a new modal with additional options for sharing the record with internal or external collaborators via email. We will add some defaults:

  • Subject line
  • Message
  • Hidden fields will be toggled on

The defaults we provide can be all adjusted to your liking. Before sending, you'll need to add one or more recipients in the "To" field. You'll also want to decide which layout (stacked or grid) to use and whether you want to "Send a copy to yourself." If you choose to send the message to yourself, it will be sent to the email address associated with the Airtable account you are logged into.



Only internal base collaborators will be able to access the "View in Airtable" link that we send with the "Send record" option.

Expanding linked records

To expand a linked record, open your record, click on the included link, and another expanded record will open on top of the record you've already expanded.


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