Page designer extension overview
  • 15 Mar 2023
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Page designer extension overview

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With the page designer extension, you can create your own custom invoices, business cards, catalogs, real estate feature sheets, casting sheets, and more—all using the data directly from your records. When you're done making everything look beautiful, you can print out your records or turn them into PDFs.

Extensions let you extend the functionality of your bases: you can use extensions to bring new information into Airtable, visualize and summarize your records in colorful ways, and even directly integrate your Airtable bases with your favorite extensions.

Watch this video to learn more about how to set up and use a page designer extension, or read on for further information.

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How can I export a single page designer page as a PDF?

Click Print in the upper right corner of the page you want to convert to a PDF. This will open up your specific computer's printing configuration. In most cases, you'll need to change the destination from the default printer to the option "Save as PDF" or something similar. 

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