Rollup field reference
  • 24 Jul 2023
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Rollup field reference

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A rollup field aggregates specific cells from records that are linked to another field in your table. For an overview of rollups, check out the Rollup field overview.


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Add a rollup field 


The following functions can be used to aggregate your rollup values.

ANDReturns true if all the values are true
ARRAYCOMPACTRemoves empty strings and null values from the array. Keeps "false" and strings that contain one or more blank characters.
ARRAYJOINJoin all the values into a single comma-separated string.
ARRAYUNIQUEReturn only unique items.
AVERAGEMean average of the values.
CONCATENATEJoins together the text values into a single text value.
COUNTCount only non-empty numeric values. If you want to count all records, use COUNTALL.
COUNTACount the number of non-empty values. This function counts both numeric and text values.
COUNTALLCount the number of linked records. Choosing any column of the linked table will produce the same result. This function counts all values including blank records.
MAXReturns the largest of the given numbers.
MINReturns the smallest of the given numbers.
ORReturns true if any one of the values is true.
SUMSum together the values.
XORReturns true if and only if odd number of values are true.

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