Unstable connection troubleshooting
  • 21 Sep 2022
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Unstable connection troubleshooting

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In order to improve Airtable’s stability, we have implemented the wildcard domain *.srp.airtable.com. We use this domain in order to run a connectivity test when Airtable is first loaded. If the connectivity test fails repeatedly, you will see a small message like this in the bottom left-hand corner of the Airtable page that you are trying to load:



In many cases, this message appears because the internet connection you are using is truly unstable due to poor connectivity. For these cases, we recommend that you work through the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article or contact your IT department to see if there is a known issue.

However, we have found that a small percentage of our users are unable to connect to this domain because of other extenuating circumstances. Some common causes include:

  1. Corporate VPNs
  2. Security software (especially those performing SSL inspection)
  3. Firewalls
  4. Anti-virus software

Even if you do not have one of these software examples installed on your personal computer, your corporate IT department may have installed software at the network level that you are unaware of.

Troubleshooting: Next steps

We recommend that you contact your IT or security department and request that they unblock “*.srp.airtable.com” from any relevant security software. Here is an example template message that you can use when contacting your IT department:

Airtable.com has recently been displaying notices saying that it cannot connect to any subdomain under the wildcard *.srp.airtable.com. It says that these subdomains must be unblocked for correct product functioning.
Would it be possible to unblock HTTPS and WebSockets from this domain and all subdomains? Here's a link to the support article from Airtable that discusses this.


If you do not have an IT department or you are connecting to Airtable on a home network, then you will need to manually adjust the settings on your computer and/or network to mitigate any possible blocks (i.e. VPN, Security/Anti-virus software, Firewalls, etc.).

Testing connectivity

Once the unblocking has occurred, you can test if it worked by simply loading the airtable.com homepage while logged in. If it was successful, the message should stop appearing.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact our support team and mention this help article.


Does Airtable maintain a list of required IT dependencies?
For our paid clients, we maintain a list of required domains that must be unblocked in order for Airtable to properly function. We provide updates to the list as changes occur. Please contact Airtable support for more details.

Note that *.airtable.com has always been on this list, meaning that all subdomains of airtable.com must be unblocked. This includes the aforementioned *.srp.airtable.com domain.

Do all subdomains of srp.airtable.com need to be unblocked?
Yes, all subdomains must be unblocked. The prefix is random and cannot be predicted. For example, all of the following must be unblocked:

  1. abcd.srp.airtable.com
  2. efgh.srp.airtable.com
  3. 0123.srp.airtable.com

Does this mean Airtable is now less secure?

No. The same data is being transmitted, we are just changing the domain name which it is being transmitted through. Previously this data was received in part through rt.airtable.com.

For more detail about our security posture and certifications, please see this webpage.

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