Airtable automation trigger: When record created
  • 04 Jul 2022
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Airtable automation trigger: When record created

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When building an Automation, you will always start by choosing a trigger that will fire off the rest of the automation. The "When record created" trigger allows you to trigger (or run) an automation whenever a new record is created.

Choose a trigger

After you add an automation, the first step is to select the trigger you want to use. In this example, we'll use the "When record created" trigger.


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The "When record created" trigger is triggered whenever a new record is created. This means that if you are manually entering data, this trigger will likely fire before you've finished inputting your data. The "When record created" trigger is best used when a row is created programmatically (i.e via a form or another automation). We recommend using the "when a record enters a view" trigger or the "When a record meets a condition" trigger for situations where you'd like an automation to fire whenever a certain preset condition is met.

Select your data

After choosing the trigger, you need to select the table that you want the automation to watch for new records. Select the table, and then run a test to make sure the automation successfully connected to the table.


Add an action

After you’ve configured and tested the trigger, it’s time to add an action. In the example below, we’ll use the “Send a Slack message” action to send a message every time a new project (or new record) is added.


Once you've setup the action, run a test to make sure it's configured correctly. Lastly, make sure to turn your automation on.


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