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Frequently asked questions

You can change a workspace's plan from a laptop or desktop by clicking the workspace's current plan, and then clicking the option to "Change plans".
If you are an owner of that workspace, then yes! For more information about how to add invoice details, please visit this support article section.
In general, we recommend keeping the same type of information consolidated within one single table; different tables should only be used to distinguish distinct types of records (e.g. products from clients from events) - not to categorize things of the same species, like projects for different months, work orders for different companies, or content pieces for different channels. You will quickly hit limitations if records are split up across tables without warranting such independence.

To optimize your Airtable experience, we highly recommend categorizing records of the same species by using field values and filtered views, rather than filing them into separate tables and/or duplicating them to other tables to indicate a status change.  For guidance on reworking your current setup, this article may be helpful.
There are several different options. Our most common recommendation is to use Table Sync. You can also export data as a CSV and import it into a different base using the CSV import extension. Lastly, you can use copy and paste to pull data into the new table, after similarly setting up your fields to accept the new data as the right type.
You can change the email address associated with your Airtable Account by going to from a laptop or desktop.
Plans in Airtable are per workspace, not per account. You can upgrade one workspace, and still have any number of free workspaces.

If you're upgrading a workspace, we will charge for any workspace collaborator or base collaborator with commenter-permissions or greater to at least one base on the upgraded workspace. We do not charge for read-only collaborators, form submissions, or share links on any of our plans. View our Billing FAQs for more details.
We have an experimental feature in beta testing that allows you to embed and share an extension, but please note that doing so will expose its underlying data.
There isn't a way to export a CSV of all collaborators on a workspace, but you can see who counts as a billable collaborator on your workspace from your workspace settings page. You'll see all base collaborators under the "Billable Collaborators" section.
Workspace invoices are always sent to all owners of the upgraded workspace. At the moment, the only way to send invoices to a different email address is by adding an additional owner to the upgraded workspace with the desired email address.
We offer support over email, and the best way to contact us is through the in-app help menu.


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Timeline view

See how your records such as resources and projects map out over time.

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