Comparing dates using conditional statements in Airtable
  • 07 Dec 2023
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Comparing dates using conditional statements in Airtable

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This article covers how to compare dates using conditional statements in Airtable to streamline your team's and organization's work.


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Comparing dates against one another

Using an IF statement is a quick way to compare two dates. The formula below will compare both dates, and return the second date only if it is greater than the first date, and otherwise show a blank value.

IF({Date 2} > {Date 1}, {Date 2},BLANK())

Output values depending on date comparisons

For another approach, you may want to measure the days between the current date and time, and a static date field (like the date the invoice was billed). Adding in a conditional IF statement allows you to do the following:

  • If the payment received field is empty

  • And the days passed between the current day and the day the invoice was billed is more than 25 days

  • Then output a message to send the customer a reminder

  • And if none of the above is true, output a blank value

    {Payment Received}=BLANK(),
      NOW(),{Invoice Billed}, 'days')
    > 25
  "Send customer reminder"

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