Airtable and data loss prevention
  • 03 Mar 2024
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Airtable and data loss prevention

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Data loss prevention actions  

Airtable provides a set of APIs that integrate with data loss prevention (DLP) providers, allowing companies to proactively monitor and manage their sensitive data hosted on Airtable.

Depending on your DLP provider’s capabilities, you will be able to do the following within Airtable to manage your data:

  • Monitor for sensitive data: Ensure confidential or sensitive information isn’t shared outside your organization by scanning and alerting for content based on pre-configured rules in your DLP provider.

  • Enabling alerts and taking action(s): If/When confidential or sensitive data is detected based on the configured rules in your DLP provider, you will be able to take both manual or automated actions like deleting or quarantining data.

Data loss prevention vendors 

Airtable provides a set of data loss prevention APIs that can integrate with most DLP and cloud access security broker (CASB) vendors. If you are a DLP or CASB vendor looking to integrate with Airtable, we will provide you with our integration guide. Please fill out this form, and we will contact you about next steps.

Data loss prevention support 

For questions or support in setting up Airtable’s data loss prevention, please contact your Airtable account representative or CSM.

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