Interface element: Gallery
  • 18 Jun 2024
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Interface element: Gallery

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Please consult this support article for a breakdown of Interface Designer permissions.


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This element is only available in element-based Blank, Record review, and Record summary layouts.

Gallery elements are similar to the Gallery view in bases. Gallery elements are best for displaying record information from a base that contains at least one attachment field.

Adding and configuring gallery elements

  1. If this is the first time you've added elements to an interface, please consult this help article first.

  2. Find the Gallery element by clicking + Add element in the lower left portion of the interface editor.

  3. You'll then place the element somewhere in the layout of your interface page. Don't worry if it isn't in perfect positioning yet, as you can always move the element later.

  4. After placing the gallery element on the page 1, pick a source for the gallery 2, configure the permissions 3 (The Editable setting allows users interacting with the interface to add, edit, or delete records in the view element), set a filter type for the gallery 4, and finally configure which fields to display in each card along with the sorting order of the gallery records (cards) 5.


    For the filter portion of the configuration, choose from the three general filters. By default, the All records option will keep the gallery unfiltered. The Viewer's records only option will only show records related to the interface viewer if their name (or a group they belong to) has been added to a user field in the underlying base. You can specifically set one, and only one, user field for this option. Finally, you can set Specific records by condition(s) or condition group(s) to filter the underlying records.

  5. Finally, you can adjust several settings related to the element's appearance. If the connected source has two or more attachment fields, then you may need to select a different image field than the one chosen by default 1. Next, choose whether to toggle the Fit image size option 2. Otherwise, the image will fill the entire available image area, potentially cropping the photo. Then, you'll choose a Title field 3, the text that appears just below each image. The Color records option 4 allows you to color each record according to the colors from a single select field or by customized conditions. Next, choose how many rows to display 5. As a reminder, you can expand the element further across the page to show more gallery cards per row. Finally, choose whether or not to display field names 6 and/or show a label for the gallery element 7.


How can I resize images that are cut off in a gallery element?

In edit mode, navigate to the Appearance menu for the gallery element of your choice and then toggle on the Fit image size option.

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