Using the barcode field in Airtable
  • 29 Apr 2024
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Using the barcode field in Airtable

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Creating a barcode field

The barcode field type allows you to use the camera on your iOS or Android device to scan barcodes and QR codes.

To create a barcode field

  1. Open your Airtable mobile app.

  2. Open or create a base.

  3. Tap a non-primary field and select Customize field

  4. Tap the down-arrow under FIELD TYPE

  5. Select Barcode and then tap Save.

Using the barcode field


If this is your first time using your mobile device's camera to scan a barcode, then you will need to allow the Airtable mobile app access to your phone's camera. 

To scan a barcode

  1. Open your Airtable mobile app.

  2. Open or create a base.

  3. Select your preferred record in the barcode field.

  4. Move around your device to center the barcode within the green guide marks. When the scanner detects a barcode, it automatically fills in the field.


Alternatively, you can enter the barcode manually using your keyboard. Tap the keyboard icon from the scanner menu to bring up the keyboard

Supported barcode types

Barcode types supported in Airtable

  • UPCE

  • Code39

  • EAN13

  • EAN8

  • Code93

  • Code128

  • PDF417 (Macro)

  • PDF417

  • QR (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, Kanji)

  • Aztec

  • Code39Mod43

  • Interleaved2of5

  • ITF14

  • DataMatrix

  • Semacode

  • UPC-A 1D

Searching by barcode

To search by barcode

  1. Tap the search icon from within your base.

  2. Tap the barcode scanning icon.

    1. After scanning the barcode, the search function will open the associated record.


How do scanned barcodes appear on the web/browser version of Airtable?

Although you cannot scan barcodes directly into the web app, any barcodes scanned through the mobile version will appear in the web version of Airtable and can be altered manually.

Do barcode fields and interfaces work in Airtable forms?

No. Barcode fields only work on mobile browsers, which don't support the barcode field type.

In the meantime, consider using a newer table layout, like a list, and then have users add records via a record detail form. Because users can access the list through the Airtable mobile app, they should be able to use the barcode field as designed.

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