Calendar import extension
  • 05 Mar 2024
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Calendar import extension

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Airtable terminology

Extension - Extensions are modular components that add visuals or functionality to a base, and were shown in the base's dashboard. Users can create custom extensions, or they can use extensions created by Airtable or other open-source extensions.

Getting started with the calendar import extension

The calendar import extension allows you to add calendar dates to an existing table by importing ICS files.

After adding a calendar import extension, you can drag and drop an ICS file onto the extension.


After uploading your ICS file, you can map different calendar elements to different fields in your Airtable base. The left side of the field mappings section shows the fields in your table. To map a value, select the field for the ICS value, then choose a field from your table from the dropdown menu. Repeat this process for as many fields as you want. Note that you don't have to import any fields you don't need to.

As you alter the field mappings, you can look at the right side of the extension, which shows samples of the records that will be created according to the specified mappings.


Once you're ready, click the Create records button.

The extension will remember your field mappings the next time you import another ICS, speeding up the process if you plan on importing calendar files again and again as part of your workflow.

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