Troubleshooting Airtable attachment access
  • 08 Feb 2023
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Troubleshooting Airtable attachment access

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How can I troubleshoot access to an attachment URL?

If you receive the error message, "The link you're trying to visit is not available. Please visit our support center for more information." after attempting to open an attachment URL, confirm:

  • The authenticated URL is not expired (less than 2 hours old)
  • The URL was not mistyped
  • The entire URL was copied and pasted correctly
  • The URL was not modified or changed
  • The content accessible from the URL was removed

If you're still experiencing issues accessing an attachment URL after confirming the above recommendations, please reach out to the person or team who shared the URL and request a new attachment URL.

Understanding Airtable attachments

An attachment URL is automatically created whenever user content is uploaded into Airtable, or a file is uploaded into an Airtable attachment field, making it easy to access that content.

Why do attachment URLs expire?

To help increase attachment security, Airtable introduced expiring attachment URLs starting November 8th, 2022. After sharing attachments stored in Airtable via an attachment URL, the attachment URL is not guaranteed to work after 2 hours. While the attachment still exists, you will need an updated URL to access it.

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