Airtable admin panel user details
  • 03 Mar 2024
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Airtable admin panel user details

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Airtable terminology

Admin panel - A centralized set of tools to help admins manage their organization’s Enterprise account. It's a designated surface that includes ways for admins to view and manage users, groups, reports, bases, and more. 

Finding and understanding user details in Admin Panel

Learn how to review your users' information, like account type, associated work, and how to take specific admin actions.

Accessing user details in the admin panel

  1. Visit your admin panel

  2. Click Users

  3. Select your preferred user's name. 

    1. From here, admins can review users' accounts, workspaces, bases, etc., sign them out of sessions, or deactivate their accounts.

Managing users in admin panel

In addition to reviewing a user's general information like contact details and seat type, the "Users" page gives admins the ability to take a variety of actions. To update a user:

  1. Select Users from the admin panel

  2. Select the checkbox to the left of your preferred user.

  1. Click Actions in the top-right corner and choose from the available options. 

    1. Alternatively, after selecting the checkbox to your preferred user's name, click the ... icon for additional actions. 

General "Users" page admin actions

  • Search for users by name, email, or user ID

  • Filter by account type, joined time, and seat type

  • Invite users

  • Sort by name, last active, joined, seat type, seat upgraded, access level, and cost center

  • Download CSVs of user-related information

Individual "Users" page admin actions

  • Review users' workspaces, bases, interfaces, groups, personal access tokens, and third-party integrations 

  • Sign users out of all sessions 

  • Deactivate users 

CSV downloads 

The admin panel offers a variety of information admins can use to review and understand their organization's work more effectively. On both the Users page and individual user pages, admins can download a CSV of user information file by clicking "CSV" in the top-right corner of both screens.  

Users CSV data

  • User ID 

  • User first name 

  • User last name 

  • User email 

  • Account type 

  • Two-factor auth enabled? 

  • Email verified? 

  • Invited by ID 

  • Invited by email 

  • Last active (UTC)

  • Joined (UTC)

  • Seat type 

  • Seat type upgrade date (UTC)

  • Seat upgrade reason

  • Access level 

  • SCIM: External ID

  • SCIM: Title

  • SCIM: Cost center 

  • SCIM: Department 

  • SCIM: Division 

  • SCIM: Organization 

  • SCIM: Manager display name 

  • SCIM: Manager 

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