Count field overview
  • 05 Mar 2024
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Count field overview

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Web/Browser, Mac app, and Windows app (Add mobile apps if relevant)

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Setting up a count field

A count field lets you count the number of linked records in a record link column. To configure a count column, you simply choose the column with the linked records that you want to count.

The count field is fairly simple to set up, but it does require that the table where you are adding the field already contains a linked record field. To create a count field:

  1. Navigate to the base and table where you want to add the field

  2. Click the + button next to the field furthest to the right in the view you have opened. Alternatively, click the dropdown arrow next to the name of an existing field and select the <- Insert left or -> Insert right option.

  3. Name the field and search for the Count field type.

  4. Choose a linked record field for the count field to base its calculations on under the Select count source section.

  5. Click Create field.

As new linked records are added or removed in each record, the count field will update in real-time.


How do I format a rollup field's output?

Consult this support article for more information on number-based field formatting.

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