Airtable home screen (New experience)
  • 08 Nov 2022
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Airtable home screen (New experience)

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The new home screen experience is meant to help you find the bases, interfaces, workspaces, and other Airtable-related surfaces you need so that you can work faster. Below, we'll walk you through the large and small details of where you can find various menus, options, links, workspaces, bases, and interfaces.

Currently, this redesign is in a beta state. If you'd like to provide feedback about your experiences, please use this form

Home screen navigation

Take a look at the list below for a complete overview of the new home screen.

  1. Sidebar collapse - Click this button if at any point you'd like to close or reopen the sidebar on the left side of the home screen.
  2. Search - Search here for bases and/or interfaces. You can press CMDK at any time (in a base, interface, or on the home screen) to open up the search bar.
  3. Notifications - Click here to open up your notifications. Learn more about notifications here. 
  4. Help menu - Open this to find links to Airtable's Help Center, community site, message our support team, contact our sales team, open the developer documentation, and more. 
  5. Account menu - Click here to navigate to your account page, manage groups, set notification preferences, manage integrations, navigate to the developer hub, open your workspace trash, and log out. While we are still in testing, you can also revert to the old home screen experience from this menu.
  6. Workspaces - Click Home at any time to reset the home screen. Additionally, you can open the drop-down next to All workspaces to scroll and browse through any workspaces you are collaborating in. Additionally, you can open the drop-down next to the Starred section to quickly navigate to any bases or interfaces that you have favorited. More on starring below.
  7. Filter/Sort options - The drop-down menu on the left allows you to Show all, Show bases only, or Show interfaces only. The drop-down on the right allows you to further filter by choosing to show items Opened by you or Shared with you. Lastly, you can sort items Newest to oldest or Oldest to newest.
  8. Display style - Click here to toggle between showing items as a list or as a grid.
  9. Quick links - Here you'll find a few links to Templates, the Marketplace, and the Universe.
  10. Create a base - Click here to create a base. This will open a popover menu where you will choose the workspace location to create the new base.

Bases and interfaces

The GIF below shows where you can find additional options for your bases and interfaces. Here, we show the experience in a grid format, but the list format is similar. Hovering over a base or interface will give you additional options:

  • Starring - This allows you to favorite the bases and interfaces you work in the most. Just click the star to add or remove from the starred list in the sidebar to the right.
  • Pinning - We discuss this in a section below.
  • Base options - Hovering over a base will show the "..." spillover menu. Click here to rename, share, duplicate, or delete the base. You can also click Go to workspace if you are a workspace collaborator where the base resides. This option will be greyed out if you are only a base collaborator. Finally, you can also set Slack notifications for the base or star it.
  • Interface options - Hovering over an interface will show the "..." spillover menu. You can click Go to workspace if you are a workspace collaborator where that interface resides. This option will be greyed out if you are only a base collaborator. Also , you can star the interface from this menu.

Pinning bases and interfaces

You can also choose to pin a set of up to 3 bases and/or interfaces at the top of each workspace page. Pinned items will appear in the order that they were pinned, earliest to most recent. To add another pinned item you'll need to remove another pinned item first if you've already reached the maximum of 3 pinned items.

The option to pin bases or interfaces does not appear on the home page. You'll need to navigate to a specific workspace page to see this option appear.

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