Workspaces and workspace collaborators
  • 06 Jul 2022
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Workspaces and workspace collaborators

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A workspace is a collection of bases shared between a group of users, called workspace collaborators. You can think of a workspace as a collection of bases shared among a group of people working together. You can create as many workspaces as you'd like for free, and each one has its own set of workspace collaborators and bases.

Consider inviting someone as a workspace collaborator when:

  • You know that you'll be working on many different projects together with this person
  • You want that person to be able to see all of the information in the entire workspace


To invite someone to a workspace as a workspace collaborator, click on the share button at the top of the workspace. This will open the share dialog, from which you can manage invites and permission levels. To learn more on how to invite someone to a workspace, please read this article on adding a workspace collaborator.

Permissions and workspace administration

Every workspace collaborator has a permission level (owner, creator, editor, commenter, or read-only), which determines what they can or cannot do for all of the bases in the workspace (for example, whether they can edit, make views, or comment on records). If you add someone as a workspace collaborator at a certain permission level, that permission level applies to them for all bases in the entire workspace.


Each workspace is required to have at least one owner. An owner has all the usual powers that a creator does, but they also have the ability to control the billing settings for the workspace. By default, the person who originally created the workspace is the owner. If you have questions about your workspace's billing plan, please contact your workspace's owner. (You can always check who the owner of a workspace is by clicking on the workspace's share dialog button.)

Please note that if you add someone as a workspace collaborator, you cannot give them different permission levels for different bases in the workspace, nor can you keep them from seeing certain bases in the workspace. If you do not want someone to be able to edit or see all of the bases in the workspace, consider adding that person as a base collaborator rather than as a workspace collaborator.

Workspaces and billing

Something very important to note is that the workspace is the primary billing unit for Airtable's premium plans. When you decide to pay for a premium plan, you are paying to upgrade a workspace. When a workspace gets upgraded, all bases in that workspace will be granted additional storage and premium features as appropriate.

The cost of upgrading a workspace is dependent on the number of users who have access toany of the bases in your workspace. This includes both workspace and base collaborators, but it does not include any read-only collaborators. If you have more questions about how billing works, please refer to our billing and workspace administration articles.

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