Managing Airtable account and workspace settings
  • 03 Aug 2023
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Managing Airtable account and workspace settings

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Airtable's settings page lets account and workspace owners make changes to everything from contact info to billing to upgrading plan type to managing collaborators.


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Platform(s)Web/Browser, Mac app, and Windows app 
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Account settings

To access and update your account settings:

  1.  Visit your Airtable account overview.
  2.  Select your desired option under Account settings from the left side menu.

Account settings are made up of 3 different sections:

Overview Offering the ability to update your account name, email address, and profile image, add/update password, review Airtable credit details, manage two-factor authentication, integrate Google Drive, and manage your account status.
Referrals and credits Your personal referral link; allowing you to earn $10 in credit for every person you refer to Airtable.
Recent activity An overview of your recent account activity, detailing current or recent activity.

 Workspace settings 

To access and update your workspace settings:

  1.  Visit your Airtable account overview.
  2. Select your desired workspace under Workspace settings from the left side menu. 

Workspace settings are made up of the following sections:

Rename workspaceOffering the ability to change or update your workspace name.
Billing plan An overview of your plan, including a link to change or upgrade your existing plan.
Payment Detailing what credit or debit card is currently on file, including the ability to add or change.
Invoice details Add or modify your business name, address, tax code, and additional details.
Billing history An overview of your workspace’s billing history, including associated upgrades or changes.
Workspace sharing restrictions Includes the ability to restrict adding new collaborators to this workspace, its bases, and its interfaces.
Billable collaborators Includes the ability to temporarily opt out of attachment URLs expiring after a few hours for this workspace.
Usage An overview of your workspace’s monthly remaining automations, associated records, and how much attachment space each base is using.


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