Base collaborators and bases shared with me
  • 06 Jul 2022
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Base collaborators and bases shared with me

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Article Summary

In many cases, you might not want to invite someone as a workspace collaborator. Another possibility is to invite someone as a base collaborator. A base collaborator is able to edit a single base (at a specified permission level), but is unable to see the workspace in which the base is located, or any of the other bases contained in that workspace.

Consider inviting someone as a base collaborator when:

  • You want to directly work together with someone on a base, but don't want to give them access to all of the bases in a workspace
  • You want this person to have different permission levels for different bases in the same workspace
  • You'll only be working with this person for a one-off project


To invite someone as a base collaborator, go into the base to which you'd like to invite someone, and click the share button to open the base share dialog. From the base share dialog, you can also see everyone who has access to the base, including base collaborators and workspace collaborators. To learn more on how to invite someone as a base collaborator, please read this article on adding someone as a base collaborator.

To remove a base collaborator, open the base share settings. Then click the "X" next to the collaborator you want to remove.


Please note that if you add someone as a base collaborator, they will be able to see everything in your base. You cannot block a workspace collaborator or base collaborator from seeing certain tables (or fields, or records) in a base. If you do not want someone to be able to edit or see all of the tables in a base, consider creating a view share link instead.

Bases shared with me

If you have been invited as a base collaborator to at least one base, on your homepage, you will see a grouping of bases called Bases shared with me. These are all of the bases on which you are a base collaborator.


Bases shared with me resembles a workspace, but it's not actually a workspace—it has no share dialog and no settings page, and you cannot remove yourself from it (unless you remove yourself from every base in which you are a collaborator).

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