Checkbox field
  • 04 Jul 2022
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Checkbox field

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Article Summary

A checkbox field is useful for true/false values within a record. For example, a task tracking base might have a checkbox field called "Done" that you can check off when a task is complete.

You can create a new checkbox field by adding a new field with the "Checkbox" type.


When your cursor is over a checkbox cell, you can hit enter to check/uncheck it. Alternatively, you can click on the cell to check/uncheck.


Users on Airtable Pro plans can change the style of the checkbox symbol from the default green check in thefield customization menu.



Can you check multiple record's checkbox fields at the same time?

You can use the fill handle to use one record's value to fill subsequent records. So, you can use the fill handle to carry the "checked" value to multiple records, like so:


Can you automatically update the value of a checkbox field?

Yes you can, using automations ! You can set up an automation that includes the "Update record" action to update the value of checkbox field. Note that when updating a checkbox field via an automation you will need to enter a:

  • 1 to toggle the checkbox field as checked. You can also use the words:

    • "true"
    • "check"
    • "checked"
  • 0 to uncheck the field. You can also use the words:

    • "false"
    • "uncheck"
    • "unchecked"


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