Name quiz extension
  • 25 Apr 2023
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Name quiz extension

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 On April 25, 2023, we will deprecate support for the name quiz extension, but it will continue to be usable through June 24, 2023. After June 24, 2023, the name quiz extension will be permanently removed and no longer available for use with Airtable.

The name quiz extension uses records in your base that contain names and photos of people and automatically creates a guessing game where the player must match names with faces.


Getting started

The name quiz extension requires the following:

  • An attachment field that stores an image of each person in each record you want to use for the name quiz.
  • A single-line text field containing the name of the person in the image so the game can determine the correct answers. Note: you cannot use another kind of text field, formula field, or any other field type when choosing the field containing the person's name.
  • Only collaborators with editor access and above can configure this extension but all collaborators can use the extension to quiz themselves.

In order to set up the name quiz extension and play the game, you'll need to satisfy the following four settings:

  • Table: This setting tells the extension which table to use when creating the name quiz. The table you choose should have records that have a name and image of each person you want to include in the quiz. You'll specify which fields contain that information in subsequent settings.
  • View: You can choose a view for your selected table if you wish. Use this option to select a filtered view if you want to filter out specific people so they will not appear in the name quiz.
  • Attachment field: The name quiz extension requires an attachment field that will contain an images of the people associated with each record in the table. You'll want to ensure that you've uploaded images for each record that appears in the view you choose in the previous setting.
  • Name field: In order to provide name options for the quiz you'll also need to select the field that contains the name of the person in each record.

Here's an example of what the settings look like for the:


Once you have the settings filled out you can start using the name quiz extension.

How it works

After you've chosen your settings you can start the game.


If you made a mistake in the settings, or decide that you want to make changes for any reason, you can click the "Change settings" link. Otherwise, click the "Start game" button to begin.

mceclip2 (1)

Once the game begins you'll be asked to click on the photo of the person named up top. A timer bar will quickly deplete so you must submit your answer in a few seconds. If you answer correctly the game will continue in a similar fashion.


If you answer incorrectly, you'll learn the correct answer and have a chance to try again. You can also adjust the settings if you noticed a mistake. However, if you noticed a mismatch of names and photos you should make changes to the corresponding record in the table you choose because the name quiz extension gets its information from that table alone.

Frequently-asked questions

Here are some common questions and answers about the name quiz extension.

What happens if someone makes a change to the table when someone is playing the game?

Any changes to records referenced by the game won't affect the game once it begins. If someone renames, deletes, or otherwise alters a record used by the game that update will not be reflected until after the game ends.

Can I make the game easier or harder?

The game's settings don't allow for adjustments in difficulty by showing more than two images or changing the amount of time provided to make a selection when playing.

Can I change the size of the photos?

The name quiz extension automatically determines the size of the photos displayed. While you can't adjust the size of the photos in the extension, you can change the zoom factor of your web browser's window to effectively increase (or decrease) the size of all elements in the extension.

Can I adjust the text displayed when playing the game?

Aside from the names of the people displayed in the game, you cannot adjust the text the name quiz displays through any settings in the extension.

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