Transferring a table's information from one base to another
  • 04 Oct 2022
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Transferring a table's information from one base to another

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With a dynamic tool like Airtable, we usually have a few ways to go about doing things so you can pick the way that works best for you. When it comes to transferring information from one base to another, we have a few workflows to choose from.

The first workflow to display information from one base in another base is to use Sync. Syncing is a one-way process allowing you to link from a source table to a destination table. Be mindful, as a one-way process, this means that in the destination base you cannot:

  • Add or delete records in the synced table
  • Edit information in the fields that are synced

There are three basic steps to complete in order to set up a sync:

  1. Create a syncable view share link in the source base
  2. Choose which method you would like to use to create the sync in the destination base
  3. Use the setup window to configure and create the synced table

If you need to edit fields on the destination table the information is being displayed from, sync is probably not be the best option for your workflow. Check out this support article for more information about Sync.

The second workflow you could use to display informationfrom one base in another, is to join your tables that hold similarcategories of data together. Before getting started, we recommend giving this article a read. It may make more sense to import each of your separate tables into the same table, if they all contain the same type of data (all events, or people, or tasks, etc.), with each batch of records added from respective tables categorized through a single select field.

This could be done by exporting each table as a CSV and using the import extension to pull them one-by-one into the destination table. Otherwise, if the field configurations match up between source and destination table, copy and paste may come in useful.

There is no push-button way to relocate a table to another base, due to the fact that a table can be relationally very bound up with other tables existing within a base; this is indeed one of the most powerful features of Airtable. You can download the table as a CSV and re-upload it as a new table in the desired base, but you'd want to configure the columns in your new table to match the original columns ahead of time by adding fields and using their customization menus. Setting field type and formatting is enough -- e.g., if you have a single select field, any values that appear in its cells from a data paste will automatically be turned into field options. You could also use copy and paste to pull data into the new table, after similarly setting up your fields to accept the new data as the right type.

All formula fields will need to be copied over from your old base, because only the output values will transfer over as single line text fields. Other calculated fields will also end up also as text fields, since they've lost their source (a record from another table back in the first base).

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