Date (and time) field
  • 04 Jul 2022
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Date (and time) field

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A date field allows you to easily enter a date—and optionally a time—into a cell.

Adding dates

When editing a date, you can manually enter a date or use the calendar widget to easily select a recent date. Note that we do not currently support dates before 1/1/0000.


In the field customization menu you can customize the name of your field, and select a date format by clicking the Date format dropdown menu.



Include a time field

A date field can also store a timestamp (in 12- or 24-hour format) by toggling on the "Include a time field" option. With this option toggled on, you can manually select a time from the dropdown menu (shown in 30-minute increments), or enter in a specific time.


Use the same timezone for all collaborators

Collaborators working together in the same base can, and will, see different dates and times unless a specific timezone has been specified, or, using GMT time for all collaborators has been toggled on (again, on a field-by-field basis).

Working with timezones is covered in more detail in this article.

Changing the default pre-set date formatting for new date fields

A newly-created date field's default format will attempt to use your browser's local language when selecting the local format for dates. For example, the local browser language setting for this browser was set to "English (United States)":


We can then see if we change the browser's language setting to "English (United Kingdom)", a newly created date field will use a different local formatting:


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