Get free Airtable training today!
  • 07 Sep 2022
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Get free Airtable training today!

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Are you interested in getting in-depth learning or Airtable training? Looking for tips or best practices on how to get started using Airtable? Or interested in learning more about what Airtable is and how it can help you manage your work?

Watch a free, on-demand training webinar—covering topics from building your first base to streamlining your workflows with automations. Each training is facilitated by an Airtable expert who'll guide you through the session, step-by-step. Scroll down to see the full list of trainings currently available.

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Getting started: Build your first base, step by step

Not sure how to get started? Let our experts help! Watch these trainings to learn how to build a custom tool that works for you and your team—no Airtable experience required.


Learn how to build a custom tool that works exactly the way you want—and use it to collaborate with your entire team.

You'll learn how to: Create your first base, customize with fields, views, and linked records, and share with collaborators.

No prior Airtable knowledge required!


Watch this training to learn how you can collaborate and share your work in Airtable.

What you'll learn: Collaboration best practices, managing and assigning tasks, leveraging views and comments, and sharing information
with internal/external stakeholders.

No prior Airtable knowledge required!


Learn how to visualize your workflow and automate repetitive tasks to increase the power of your Airtable bases.

You'll learn how to: Visualize your information with extensions, decrease manual work through automations, and connect work across teams with synced tables.

Recommended pre-requisites:
A working knowledge of bases, fields, and views

Expand your workflow: Extensions, automations, and more!

Looking to level up? Join us for an upcoming live session! Sign up to attend a free, live webinar with our Airtable experts to learn how to add more power to your workflows.


Learn how to build a custom dashboard to get insights, take action, and extend your workflows.

You'll learn how to: Create dashboards, customize your dashboards with extensions, share insights with your team.


Learn how to automate your work with common automations recipes in Airtable.

What you'll learn: how to configure automations, how to select the right triggers and actions, and common ways to automate your work.


Learn how to use formulas in Airtable to reduce manual entry and add power to your data.

You'll learn how to: configure formulas in Airtable, add common formulas into your workflow, troubleshoot formula errors.


Learn how to upgrade your spreadsheet with a database and how to transition all of your information into Airtable.

You'll learn how to: determine whether a database is right for you, prepare your spreadsheet for import, transition your data into Airtable, power up your information.

Getting started: Fast-track your new Airtable base

Have a specific use case in mind? Check out our step-by-step guides to creating a project tracker, content calendar, CRM, or product roadmap—no Airtable experience required.


Get started with your content calendar


201: Level up your content calendar


101: Create a project tracker


201: Level up your project tracker


101: Create a CRM


201: Level up your CRM


101: Create a product roadmap

Power up your base: Adding power with the Airtable platform

The Airtable platform allows you to do more with less time, extending the range of what is possible for your workflow. Watch the on-demand webinars below to learn about all of the new ways you can create your way.


All about Airtable Extensions

(To clear up any confusion...we renamed our Apps feature to extensions 😉)


Introducing Airtable Automations


Introducing Airtable Sync


Scripting in Airtable

Working remotely: Collaborate with your team

With more and more teams working remotely, it's more important than ever to stay on the same page. From collaborating virtually to managing a remote team, here are our best tips for making the transition to distributed work.

Collaborating remotely

Managing a team remotely

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