Using Airtable Templates
  • 15 May 2024
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Using Airtable Templates

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Using templates in Airtable

To use an Airtable template

  1. Visit the Airtable Templates gallery.

  2. Search for and select your preferred template. You can also browse templates by selecting a preferred use case such as Project management or Marketing.

  3. Select a template that might fit your use case to reveal a visual example and written overview of what the template accomplishes. Then, click Use template.

  4. Select your preferred workspace, then click Add base.

Clearing sample data included in templates

To clear data included in Airtable Templates

  1. Visit your Airtable homepage

  2. Open your preferred template base.

  3. Click Restart from scratch in the bottom right corner.


How are Airtable Universe and templates different from each other?

Airtable Universe differs from our official templates in that the bases on Airtable Universe are created and published by Airtable users. In contrast, our templates are developed and managed by the Airtable team.

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