Using Document automator
  • 26 Jan 2023
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Using Document automator

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Document automator allows people and teams to streamline ongoing reporting and documentation needs by using data from their Airtable base(s) to create workflows that pull, format, and export content into a Google Doc. This article provides a basic walkthrough of setting up a simple automation that uses either the Create Google Doc or Update Google Doc automation action. For a more complete breakdown, see the Document automator setup guide.

Using Document automator

To create a document automation: 

  1. From your Airtable homepage, open or create a base. 
  2. Select Automations.
  3. Click Create automation from the bottom left menu under Create.

    Keep in mind that any automations created can be found in the top-left menu under Automations List.

  4. To rename your automation, click the and select Rename.

Creating automation triggers

To create automation actions: 

  1. Select your intended automation listed under the Automations List
  2. Click + Add trigger and select a trigger from the list.
  3. Under Configuration, select the appropriate table, find records based on, and view. 
  4. Click Test trigger to confirm your automation is set up and working correctly.
  5. Under the What should each record be called? section, click the down arrow to select an updated name.

Creating automation actions

To create automation actions:

  1. Under Run actions, click + Add action
    1. Under Configuration, select the appropriate table, find records based on, and view.
  2. Add a secondary action by clicking + Add action
  3. Under INTEGRATIONS, select Google Docs.
  4. Choose between Create Google Doc or Update Google Doc.
  5. Under Configuration, select the appropriate Google Docs account, title, and content.


Are both user-created documents and documents created using document automator supported?

Yes, both types of documents are supported but keep in mind that we currently do not allow the doc being updated to be dynamically set up.

Can I use document automator with other services and platforms?

No, currently document automator only works for Google Docs.

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