Creating and duplicating bases in Airtable
  • 27 Mar 2024
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Creating and duplicating bases in Airtable

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Airtable terminology

Base - A collection of data in Airtable, designed to contain all of the information a user needs for a project or workflow. Bases can have multiple tables, each containing data; within each table, there are records, with data for each record stored in fields.

Creating bases in Airtable 

Whether you’re publishing a pipeline of marketing content, coordinating a calendar of events, or wrangling your team’s performance data, you need a central home for all that information.

Check out our Creating a base guide to learn how to build and optimize bases for yourself, your team, or your organization. 

Duplicating Airtable bases


All base collaborators can duplicate bases where they are existing collaborators. Check out our Adding a base collaborator article for more information on reviewing your base's collaborators.

Duplicating bases

  1. Open the base you want to duplicate. 

  2. Click the ˅ icon next to the base's name. 

  3. Select the ... icon, then click Duplicate base


After clicking "Duplicate base," you can choose between toggling OFF/ON the base's records and comments and select the workspace where your duplicate base lives. 

  1. Click Duplicate base.


Can non-collaborators duplicate bases?

Yes, if the base's owner has created a public share link for their base and toggled on the option to "Allow viewers to copy data out of this view." In that case, viewers of that link can duplicate the base by opening the share link and clicking "Copy base" next to the base's name.

Does duplicating a base duplicate interfaces as well?

Yes. Any interfaces will be duplicated alongside the duplicated base. Keep in mind that if you chose to not duplicate records, then those duplicated interfaces will not contain context (such as dashboards) or record information.

Where are duplicate bases stored?

All bases, including duplicates, can be found by visiting your Airtable homepage. To find a duplicate base:

  1. Visit your Airtable homepage

  2. Select the workspace where your duplicated base is saved.

  3. Search for the base's name you want to locate.


Unless renamed by the person copying the base, duplicate base's names default to the original name with "(Copy)" added for distinction.  

I have the right permissions, but I’m not able to duplicate a base. Why might that be?

For collaborators to duplicate a base, the workspace security features below must be disabled by a workspace owner:

  1. Go to the home page and select the desired workspace.

  2. Click on ...  and select Workspace settings.

  3. Turn off "Restrict adding new collaborators to this workspace, its bases, and its interfaces" and "Prevent the creation of new share links within this workspace's bases and interfaces."

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