Deleting Airtable bases and tables
  • 07 Apr 2023
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Deleting Airtable bases and tables

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Article Summary

Deleting bases 

To delete an Airtable base, click the menu dropdown button on the base icon in the home screen, and select the "Delete" option. You will need to click a second red "Delete" button in order to confirm the deletion.


You can also delete a base from within the base itself by clicking on the dropdown menu arrow next to the title of the base, then clicking on the three dot menu on the right side of this modal to open up the base menu. From here you can click the "Delete base" option (which is shown in red):


Deleting base tables 

You can delete a table from your base by opening that table's menu, clicking the small arrow next to that table's name, then selecting the "Delete table" option:


After you've clicked the "Delete table" option, you will need to reconfirm you'd like to delete the selected table by clicking "Delete" before the table will be removed:


If you deleted your table by mistake, you can still restore that table within seven days of deletion using that base's trash.

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