Interfaces - Airtable Enterprise Admin Panel
  • 21 Oct 2022
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Interfaces - Airtable Enterprise Admin Panel

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The Interfaces page of Admin Panel lets Airtable admins manage and view information about Airtable usage from the base level — including the ability to view managed collaborators’ interfaces and who they’re working with, download CSVs detailing interface data, and much more.

Accessing the Interfaces page in Admin Panel

To access the Interfaces page in the Admin panel:

  1. Visit your Airtable homepage. 
  2. Click Account in the top right corner and select Admin.
  3. Choose Interfaces from the left side menu.

From the Interfaces page, admins can:

  • Find an interface 
  • Filter by base name or ID 
  • Download interface data CSVs

Searching, sorting, and filtering interfaces

The Interfaces page in Admin Panel allows admins to search, filter, and sort interfaces, bases, and collaborators.

By clicking on any of the column names in the header of the Interfaces page, admins can sort interface data.  

Sort Interfaces by:

  • Interface names  
  • Collaborators
  • Base Names
  • Date created

Interface CSVs

CSVs downloaded from Airtable can be used with any supported application and imported into an Airtable base.

In addition to being able to sort, search, and filter interface data, admins can also download a CSV file including the following columns of data:

  • Interface IDs 
  • Interface names  
  • Collaborator counts 
  • Collaborator IDs 
  • Collaborator emails 
  • Base IDs 
  • Base names
  • Time created (UTC)


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