Airtable User Authentication Challenge Page
  • 16 Nov 2023
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Airtable User Authentication Challenge Page

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Article Summary

Maintaining the security and privacy of our customers' data is of our utmost concern at Airtable -- our success and credibility depend on it. The authentication challenge page is intended to detect bot and malicious activity reaching our product infrastructure and block or challenge users to confirm they are human.

What is the challenge supposed to look like?

You should see a dialog box with the header "Verify it's you" and instructions to “Press and hold button."


By clicking the button and holding it until complete, your account will be verified and you will continue to the Airtable login as expected.


Why isn’t the challenge working?

This may be happening because:

  • Javascript is disabled or blocked by an extension. For example, ad blocker extensions can be a blocker.
  • Your browser does not support cookies or cookies have been disabled.

Please make sure that Javascript and cookies are enabled on your browser and that you are not blocking them from loading. Below, there are links on how to adjust settings for some popular browsers.

Enable cookies

Enable Javascript

Why am I seeing this challenge again?

Occasionally, you may see the challenge page reappear after 15 minutes. If so, complete the challenge again to verify your account. If you continue to see the security challenge, proceed to the next question regarding what to do if the challenge isn’t working.

What do I do if the security challenge is not working?

If the security challenge does not display correctly or continues to pop up repeatedly, we recommend that you open a support ticket using the link provided on the challenge page.

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