Embedding Airtable views
  • 23 Aug 2023
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Embedding Airtable views

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This article covers embedding Airtable views. For information on embedding bases, review our share links base article.


Plan availabilityAll plan types
Platform(s)Web/Browser, Mac app, and Windows app
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Embedding views

You can embed a specific view of a table within a base instead of the entire base. The viewer of the embedded view will not see any hidden records in this view. If you change cell values, add records or fields, or update which fields and records are visible in the view, the embed will automatically update in real-time to show the most updated version.

Users on any paid plans can ensure their views aren't accidentally changed by locking the shared view, which prevents collaborators from modifying a view until someone with creator permissions unlocks it.
To embed a view
  1. Open your preferred base and create a view for sharing.
    1.  Once inside your base, the Share and sync button is visible above your base’s tables.
  2.  Click Share and sync and select Embed this view.
    1.  A new tab opens the embed code to be used on your website. 
  3.  Copy and paste the embed code into your preferred location. 

Once on the embed grid view tab, you are presented with two grid view options: 

  • Use card layout on desktop - Toggle on/off for a different visual embed experience 
  • Show view controls - Toggle on/off to allow/restrict filtering and sorting on the desktop experience

Desktop and mobile embed previews  

The desktop and mobile embed preview sections offer the opportunity to view embeds using different platforms. You can additionally download CSVs of views for both desktop and mobile.

Disabling embeds 

To disable an embed
  1. From inside the shared view, click Share and sync.
  2. Select Link settings. 
  3. Click Disable link.  
    1.  After disabling the shared link, the embedded view will no longer be visible. 

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