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  • 05 Jul 2022
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Flashcard extension

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The flashcard extension uses records in a table in your base that contains questions and answers to help you study any topic you like. By choosing question and answer fields, the extension can ask you the questions and keep the answer hidden until you're ready to show it and see if you're correct.


Getting started

The flashcard extension requires the following:

  • Two text fields - One that contains a question in each record, and another that contains the answer to that question in each record.
  • Optional: Any number of filtered views that hide questions based on the criteria you specify.
  • Only collaborators with editor access and above can install and configure this extension but all collaborators will be able to use the flashcards.

The flashcard extension has the following settings:

  • Table: Choose a table that contains the required fields described above.
  • View: Choose a view to display only the questions in that view. For example, you could have a single-select field in your table that specifies the subject of each question and you can use that to create filtered views based on that subject. By doing so, you can easily change the view setting of the flashcard extension (described below) to help you study a specific subject and not just every question in the table you chose when setting it up.
  • Question field: Choose a text field that contains a question in each record.
  • Answer field: Choose a text field that contains the answer in the corresponding question field you chose in the previous setting.

When you've filled out all the settings, it'll look something like this:


Once you have your settings filled out, you can start using the flashcard extension.

How it works

The flashcard extension works like a traditional set of flashcards: it displays the question and, instead of flipping the card over to check the answer, you can view the answer by clicking the "Show answer" button when you're ready.


Once you click the "Show answer" button, the flashcard extension will display the answer below the question and the button will change to "Next question" so you can continue with the process. If you notice an error, or want to make adjustments to the record containing the question (and answer) on the current flashcard, you can click the "Expand record" link in the lower-left corner of the extension.


Once you've finished answering all of the questions in the view you selected in the flashcard extension's settings, it will let you know that you're all done.


From there, you can click "Start over" to begin again.


Can I display an image with each flashcard?

Currently, the flashcard extension only supports text-based questions and answers.

Can the flashcard extension grade my answers for me?

The flashcard extension was designed to work like traditional paper flashcards where you can see the question and flip the card over to reveal the answer.

While you can't keep track of correct answers in the extension directly you can add a checkbox field to your table and check the box next to the relevant question whenever you answer correctly. If you use the flashcard extension with the dashboard to the right of your views, rather than in fullscreen mode, you can quickly access these checkboxes as needed. Of course, you'll also want to hide the "Answer" field in that view so you can't see the answers while studying and grading your responses.

If you intend to practice answering the same questions multiple times but want to avoid ones you already have answered, you can also create a filtered view that filters out any questions with an active checkmark.

Can I offer multiple choice questions?

If you want to display multiple choices for your questions you can include those choices in the text field containing that question. You cannot, however, reference a separate field (such as a single-select field) to provide these options.

Can I determine the order of the questions?

The flashcard extension automatically chooses the order of the questions at random each time you start from the beginning. You won't be able to set the order through the extension.

Can I skip a question or go back to a previous one?

The flashcard only moves in a linear fashion. You can't go backward in the card order, however, showing the answer and clicking "Next question" will allow you to effectively skip any question the extension displays.

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