Integrating HubSpot with Airtable
  • 01 Feb 2023
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Integrating HubSpot with Airtable

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HubSpot is a CRM software product that offers templated solutions for Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Operations, and Content management. Currently, they offer two tools, Workflows and Data Sync, that connect with Airtable via our API. In HubSpot, Workflows help to automate processes based on certain conditions that you set, whereas their Data sync beta feature allows for certain information to be seamlessly matched on both platforms.

Connecting services

In order to integrate Airtable and HubSpot together, you will need to create or use an existing Personal Access Token with the data.records:read scope enabled.

Airtable and HubSpot Workflows

The Workflows feature in HubSpot is similar to Airtable Automations. Workflows allow you to set up a trigger and action, or actions, so that when a certain condition is met it causes something else to occur. HubSpot’s Airtable - Workflows feature can connect with Airtable so that when something happens in HubSpot (trigger) a record is created in Airtable (action).

This feature is particularly useful if you are wanting certain information housed in HubSpot to be sent over to Airtable in an automated way. Once the record has been created in Airtable, you are able to use that information in any of the ways that you would otherwise use records for your particular needs.

This process is one-way, meaning that changes made in Airtable will not update back to HubSpot at this time. However, HubSpot does offer a couple of options for setting up a bi-directional sync as discussed in the next section.

For more information on the setup and technical details of this HubSpot feature, visit their guide documentation page.

Airtable - Data sync

Airtable - Data sync offers a two-way synchronization solution between the information stored in a HubSpot hub and an Airtable base. This helps to eliminate more manual processes of keeping your data uniform across the two platforms. There are two overarching use cases available:

  • Syncing contacts between HubSpot and Airtable
  • Syncing company information between HubSpot and Airtable

More information about this HubSpot feature as well as setup guidance can be found here.

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