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  • 06 Jul 2022
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View sections

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View sections enable base creators to organize views into collapsible sections. This provides a new way to manage your views - especially for bases that take advantage of all the different view types, including collaborative, personal, and locked views. Utilizing view sections will allow you to easily find and take action on your views while keeping your view experience organized. This article covers how to add and manage view sections.

Who can manage view sections

View sections are a premium feature available on bases within workspaces that are on either a Pro or Enterprise plan. Base collaborators at the creator level can create, rename, or delete view sections to best organize views for each table within that base.

How to add a view section

You can create a new view section by selecting the “New section” option under the "Create..." header located on the bottom of the view sidebar. If your view creation section is collapsed, you will need to first expand it by clicking on the word "Create..." in the bottom left hand portion of the view sidebar.


The first time the “Create a section” option is clicked within a base with no other existing view sections, two view sections will automatically be created.

The first view section will not contain any views (yet!), but will give you the option to define the name. Another view section is simultaneously created by default with the name “More”. All existing and newly created views will automatically be added to the “More” view section.


Once the “More” view section has been created, a single new view section will be created whenever you select “Create a section” moving forward.

How to add a single view to a view section

For this example we’ll be using a base that tracks content creation for a small media company. Below is a list of all the views we currently have:


We’ll start off by utilizing the view section we previously made to organize the variations of our “All content” views.

We can move a view into a view section in one of two ways, the first uses the same drag and drop interface we use when reordering views. Hover your mouse over the view you’d like to move, then click and drag the reorder button to move that view into a view section.



You can use the same view drag and drop functionality to reorder your view sections as well!

The second way to add a view to a view section is to use the view context menu. Right clicking on a view will open the view context menu, which will reveal several options to interact with your view- including the option to move your view to an existing view section.


You can also use the view content menu to remove a view from its current view section.


Collapsing and expanding view sections

Collapsing and expanding a single view section

Now that those views are organized, we can also collapse that view section using the arrow icon located on the left side of the view section name. This keeps your overall view experience clean and easy to manage.


Clicking the arrow icon again will expand that view section. Note that a view can only belong to a single view section. If you’d like to have a view in multiple view sections, you can always duplicate a view by copying an existing view’s configuration into a new view.

After creating a few simple view sections we can quickly see how organized our views become:


Collapsing and expanding all view sections at once

In tables with many view sections, it can be useful to expand or collapse all of that table's view sections at once. Right click on any view section and choose the"Expand All" option to fully expand all of the view sections on the table. You can do the reverse, and collapse all your view sections, by right clicking on any view section and choosing the option to "Collapse All":


Deleting and updating view sections

View sections behave similarly to views when it comes to deletion and updates. You can right click on a view section to show a context menu that will allow you to either rename or delete that view section.


When a view section is deleted all the views within that section will be moved to the “More” view section.


The “More” view section is created by default and it cannot be directly deleted or renamed. If you delete your last non-default view section, the “More” section will be automatically removed for you.


What happens to my view sections if my workspace is downgraded?

If the workspace your base is contained within is downgraded to either the Free or Plus plans, any existing view sections will remain. Remaining view sections can be deleted at any time. You will also still be able to reorder and move views between those remaining view sections. However, you will no longer be able to create or rename any existing view sections within that base.

How many view sections can I create?

You can create 1000 view sections per table (1001 counting the “More” default view section).

How many views can I create?

You can create 1000 views per table.

Can I bulk update multiple views to organize them into view sections?

We do not currently support updating multiple views at once.

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