Airtable automation trigger: When record enters view
  • 04 Jul 2022
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Airtable automation trigger: When record enters view

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When building an Automation, you may choose a trigger to start that automation. The "When record enters view" trigger allows you to trigger (or run) an automation for each record that enters a selected view (after the automation has been turned on). Using this trigger, you can setup automation workflows with custom views that take advantage of a view's various capabilities.

As an aside, we also recommend checking out the "When record matches condition" trigger if you are looking for a fluid workflow based solely on conditions.

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We strongly recommend pairing the "When record enters view" trigger with a locked view. By using a locked view, or ensuring a locked field is involved, you can decrease the likeliness of accidentally changing a view's filtering (therefore avoiding accidental automation runs for unintended records that enter that view).

Choose a trigger

After you add an automation, the first step is to select the trigger you want to use. In this example, we'll use the "When record enters view" trigger.


Select your data

After choosing the trigger you need to select the table and view for the trigger to watch. After you've configured this, run a test to make sure the automation is successfully connected to your view.


Add an action

After you’ve configured and tested the trigger, it’s time to add an action. In the example below, we’ll use the “Send an Email” action to send a message every time a project enters the view of the completed projects.


Once you've setup the action, run a test to make sure it's configured correctly. Lastly, make sure to turn your automation on.


For more help with configuring Automation actions, view these support articles.

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