Customizing terminology used for records in a table
  • 25 Jan 2023
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Customizing terminology used for records in a table

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Article Summary

The ability to rename Airtable records allows users to customize their tables, replacing Airtable’s previous default “record” term with a variety of options more fitting to user needs. For example, “Add record” can now read “Add tasks.”

Understanding Airtable’s customizing terminology feature

In addition to adding custom names to your tables, you can also choose from 50+ unique names for your bases' records. After naming your record(s), the selected name(s) will continue appearing in-product alongside relevant tables and views.

So, by adding unique names to your records, you and your team can more easily understand what actions they're taking and how their work is impacted.  

Naming and renaming tables 

To update your table names and records:

  1. From your Airtable homepage, open or create a base.
  2. Click the down arrow next to your table’s name. 
  3. Click Rename table and enter your desired name. 
  4. Under the What should each record be called? section, click the down arrow to select an updated name.

After renaming your table and updating Record to Tasks (or another option), your base(s) will replace Add record with Add task.


Does Airtable support replacing Record with custom terminology not currently available from the drop-down menu?

Not currently, but we're always considering ways to improve Airtable. If you have suggestions, please submit them here.  

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