Ask an Expert beta overview
  • 16 Jul 2024
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Ask an Expert beta overview

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Plan availability

Enterprise Legacy and Enterprise Scale with access to the Ask An Expert beta.

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Airtable terminology

  • Ask An Expert - Sessions provided by Airtable Support allowing customers to ask questions, troubleshoot, and improve their workspaces.


Ask an Expert is currently in beta and only available to select Enterprise Legacy and Enterprise Scale customers.  

What are Ask and Expert sessions?

Ask an Expert sessions help customers identify and overcome workflow roadblocks through live support sessions. These sessions are designed to accelerate Airtable concepts and showcase how to apply them when building apps and more.

How long are Ask and Expert sessions? Is there a limit to the number of topics that can be discussed during a session?

Ask an Expert sessions are limited to 40 minutes per booking. We request customers come prepared to cover 1 topic. Please ensure you have enabled any necessary settings, have access to required accounts and permissions, and are prepared with any additional information or context that will help our experts support you.

What topics are supported during Ask an Expert sessions?


Airtable experts are trained to help:

Session limitations to consider


  • Troubleshoot existing automations.

  • Create new automations.

  • Talk through the structure (logic and sequencing) of automations within your workflow.

  • Ensure you understand how your automation is supposed to work and what it is expected to accomplish.


  • Customize a reusable formula to help meet your needs.

  • Support building out simple formulas.

  • Get started on complex formulas. Start building the logic, structure, and outline of complex formula

  • A clear understanding of the formula output, logic, and the fields that impact the formula.

  • We can help you write the formula, but we will lean on you to provide the necessary logic, equation, and requirements and complete the configuration.


  • Start creating a scalable interface for use on an existing data structure.

  • Learn new interface features that make building easier and more efficient.

  • Configure interface elements.

  • Validate or provide input on what you’ve built or are planning to build.

  • Your data structure may limit what's possible in interfaces, and some data restructuring may be required before creating an interface.

Airtable base syncs

  • Connect bases through one-way, two-way, and/or multi-source syncs.

  • Activate workflows in your destination base once the sync is set up (e.g. an automation or formulas that relate to the synced data).

  • Consolidate tables to create a high-level view of your data for reporting

  • Syncing tables to bases requires creator access to all relevant bases. Before your session, ensure that you have at least one of the following:

    • Creator level access to both the source and destination bases.

    • A sync enabled share view link provided by a creator from the source base.

    • Colleague with creator-level access to the source and destination bases.

Native integrations (Syncs +


  • Configure a sync from a supported third-

  • party platform.

  • Configure and test automations using native integrations.

  • Create automations using native integrations.

  • Ensure you have the necessary login credentials and that the integration you're using is approved by your IT team and enabled by your admin.

Airtable AI

  • Learn how to set up Airtable AI features in your base, including in fields, formulas, and automations.

  • Start writing personalized AI Prompts.

What product areas, topics, and features are unsupported during Ask an Expert sessions?

Unsupported product areas, topics, and features for Ask an Expert sessions:



Billing and account access

Ask an Expert sessions are intended for Airtable product support.

Reach out to our Support team for billing and account questions.

Immediate troubleshooting assistance

Ask an Expert sessions are not available for same-day booking.

Reach out to our Support team for troubleshooting support.

Someone to build your base(s) for over multiple sessions

Ask an Expert sessions are limited to 40 minutes, which don't provide enough time for larger builds or designing entirely new solutions.

Reach out to your account manager for in-depth assistance building bases.

Learning Airtable basics

Ask an Expert sessions are intended for builders with some baseline Airtable proficiency who want to expand their existing knowledge.

Check out the Airtable Learning Center to help build Airtable basics and more.

What are the Ask an Expert sessions technical requirements?

Ask an Expert sessions are facilitated over Zoom—available for free download for desktop and mobile experiences.

How do I book Ask an Expert sessions?

Enterprise Legacy and Enterprise Scale customers with Ask an Expert beta access can book sessions for Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Ask an Expert Sessions are not designed for same or next-day needs. Contact our Support team if you have an urgent issue or request. For information about product functionality, be sure to check out our help center and Airtable guides.

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