Scripting extension examples and help
  • 04 Jul 2022
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Scripting extension examples and help

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Article Summary

The scripting extension can expand your ability to customize your workflow such as enabling complex modifications to your data or by adding efficiencies to perform many changes at once. Because the possibilities are endless, it may be challenging to know where to start. Modifying an existing script to fit exactly the way you work can be a fast and easy path to success.

Assistance from the Airtable Community

For real-world examples, you can't beat the scripts found in the scripting extension section of the community forum. Along with the examples posted there are tips and tricks from others who had the same questions and posted their learnings for others to benefit.


If you are a developer, then you will likely find our [scripting overview page]( helpful.

Adding an example script from the in-app docs

Within the in-app documentation are several example scripts. You can view scripts that demonstrate how to load records, modify records with find and replace, and many other common workflows by navigating to the Examples section. There are also example scripts within the main API reference section.


Each script example can be run using records from your existing base so you can preview what the code will do. The examples are generated using the tables from the base you are in. In the below script, the table named "Artists" was included in the script. To view the results, you can click the "Run" button. Because some examples modify your record values, you may want to create a copy of your base to try out these sample scripts.


If the code outputs a result, it will be viewable in the far right pane.


If you would like to use and modify the example code, you can copy it to your code editing pane by clicking the copy button.


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