Airtable extensions overview
  • 09 Jan 2023
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Airtable extensions overview

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Extensions help to extend the functionality of an Airtable base. From map and chart which introduce new ways to visualize your work, to Google Cloud Vision, translate, and send SMS, which help put it into action, extensions not only enhance your existing Airtable use cases, but also introduce completely new ways of building your own extension workflows.


You can add an extension to any of your bases on any Airtable plan. It's worth noting that there are various extension limits depending upon which plan your workspace is on. More on plan differences here.

Page designer extension
Web clipper extension

More extensions

Time-based extensions
Data visualization extensions
Reporting extensions
Bulk import/update extensions
External services extensions
Other extensions


Why is an extension I have installed paused?

For larger bases, when may pause certain extensions if they could slow down the base during loading. You can still resume using them if you click the ‘Load extension’ button on each extension, or the ‘Load all extensions’ banner at the top of the Extensions dashboard.

Can I create a custom extension?

With the Blocks SDK, you can use React to create your own real-time, interactive extensions that live in Airtable. We host your code, so you don't have to worry about servers or setup. You can create your extension in your own development environment and import your favorite npm packages.

The full API Reference and tutorial guides for the Blocks SDK can be found on our developers site . If you are looking for help with development, check out the Custom Extensions section of our community forum.

How can I manage all of the extensions on a base?

We cover the ins and outs of managing extensions on a base in this support article.

How can I install an unlisted app?

In most cases, you'll need to contact our support team for assistance. Remember that these kinds of extensions have not been reviewed by Airtable. Make sure you only add unlisted extensions from developers you trust.

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