Managing Airtable Sync integrations
  • 14 Dec 2022
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Managing Airtable Sync integrations

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Learn about the various tools across Airtable to help you better manage syncs in Airtable.


Plan availabilityAll plan types

Owners - Accessing the information outlined in this article requires owner permission in the workspace where you are wanting to manage sync integrations.

Platform(s)Web/Browser, Mac app, and Windows app
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Manage sync integrations

There are times when your workspace may be over the sync integration limits for the plan it is on. In these cases, we have a sync management tool that can be found on that workspace's settings page. Ultimately, this allows workspace owners to:

As a reminder, the management modal will only appear if the workspace you are working out of is over limits. 

Click here to learn how to find the management modal
  1. First, click the "Workspace settings" option in the drop-down next to the workspace that is over limits.
  2. From the workspace settings page find the "Usage" section. You may need to scroll down the page to find this. Here, you'll find the "Manage sync integrations" option below the sync usage summary. Click that option to open the sync management UI.
  3. Here's what the sync manager will look like:5971172650903SKPSyncManager05092022.jpg

Actions to manage sync integrations

Enable/Disable sync integrations

To enable or disable previously configured sync integrations click the toggle next to the name of the integration. You'll first need to disable another sync integration to enable a different one since your workspace's plan is over limits.


Add a new integration

To enable a new integration for use in this workspace, click the "Add an integration" option below the list of previously configured syncs. The ability to add a new integration will only appear if you have disabled enough integrations to be under your workspace's plan limit. Clicking this will open a list of sync integration types. Choose one.


In this case, we'll choose the "Outlook Calendar" sync integration.


Now, when you and other collaborators are attempting to sync in new data, only that option will appear in the "Sync data from" section.


Sync activity log

To help understand how data is being synced you can use the sync activity log to see which bases can currently sync from a specific base, as well as the owners of the synced destinations. Once you open the sync activity log, we’ll show entries for:

  • Every sync destination base ordered by the last time it synced
  • The most recent password change for the shared view
  • The most recent email domain restriction change for the shared view
  • The most recent time the shared view link was regenerated

If you have access to the base, we’ll also show you the base name and icon.


Access from the base share menu

You can view the sync activity log in the “Shared view links” section of the base share menu. Start by clicking the "Share" button at the top-right-hand corner of your base.


This will open the base share menu. Scroll down to the "shared view links" section where you'll be able to select the sync activity log icon.


Access from the shared view links menu

You can also view the sync activity log via the the view share menu. Start by clicking the "Share view" button, and then select the sync activity log icon.


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