Finding Airtable IDs
  • 14 Mar 2024
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Finding Airtable IDs

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Airtable terminology

  • Record ID - A record ID is a record's unique identifier that can be shared with collaborators and used within other Airtable features.

  • Record - A record is an individual item in a table. Records are the basic unit of data that are pulled into various views and interfaces.

Creating record ID fields 

To create a field to display record IDs:

  1. Visit your Airtable homepage.

  2.  Open your preferred base. 

  3.  Click the + icon to the right of your desired table.

  4.  Select the Formula field type and enter RECORD_ID()

  5.  Click Create field. 

Finding record IDs

To locate a record ID:

  1. Visit your Airtable homepage.

  2. Open your desired base. 

  3. Select and expand a record.

  4. Review your address bar for an address similar to  

    1.  Your record ID is the recxxxxxxxx section of the address. 

Finding expanded record URL IDs

Expanded record URLs

If you expand a record, you can also see the specific record ID appear in your browser's address bar. Record ID strings always begin with "rec.” You can also determine record IDs by using a formula. In practical use, record IDs can be a great tool to use with our Automations feature.

Finding base URL IDs

Base URLs

When you have a base open in a compatible web browser, you should see a URL in the address bar that looks similar to the example below:


In between each backslash, you will find a string that identifies the base, table, and view IDs.

  • Base IDs begin with "app"

  • Table IDs begin with "tbl"

  • View IDs begin with "viw"

If you were to click on another table or another view within this same base, then the URL would update to match the ID of the table or view that you are now looking at.

Finding Interface URL IDs

Interface URLs

From an open interface you will find two elements that make up the end of the URL:

  1. Base ID - Denoted by the prefix app as noted above

  2. Interface page ID - Indicated by the prefix pag

If you are a user with editor permissions, then you can additionally add /edit to the end of the URL to open the interface page in edit mode.

Finding Workspace IDs

From your account page:

Navigate to and you'll see a list of any workspaces in the left-hand sidebar. Select a workspace to open its settings.

From the home screen:

Start by clicking the arrow to the right of any workspace name. This will open a menu:


From the address bar:

As soon as you open the workspace settings, the URL in your browser's address bar will update and look something like the following: The text string starting with wsp is your workspace ID.


Finding IDs in the Airtable API

Base IDs

To find a Base ID in the Airtable API, click on the help button near the top-right of your screen. This will open a menu where you will see the "<> API documentation" option.


After clicking the button, you will be brought to our API documentation page that will dynamically surface which base you are working in currently. Both the base name and Base ID will appear.


Field IDs

In our Web API documentation, there is a section called Get base schema where you will find more information about how to identify Field IDs programatically from a specific table. It's worth noting that field IDs can also be gathered manually from the field manager. With the corresponding table open, click Manage fields in the upper right corner. This will open a window where you can find the appropriate field by name and then match that to the ID under Field ID.

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