Record-level revision history overview
  • 23 Aug 2023
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Record-level revision history overview

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Record-level revision history is an overview of the changes made to each record over time. You can see the record-level revision history inside each record's activity feed when a record is expanded (click here to learn how to expand a record ). If you look in the revision history, you can see which user made which changes, and when.


Plan availabilityAll plan types
  • Owners/Creators - Can modify settings as described in the article below.
  • All base collaborators - Can see revision history in expanded records.
Platform(s)Web/Browser, Mac app, Windows app, and mobile support
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Limits on record-level revision history

Record-level revision history is limited by your workspace's pricing plan:

  • For the Free plan, you will be able to see the past 2 weeks of revision history.
  • For the Team plan, you will be able to see the past 1 year of revision history.
  • For the Business plans, you will be able to see the past 2 years of revision history.
  • For the Enterprise Scale plans, you will be able to see the past 3 years of revision history.

Note that these time limits do not apply to comments. All comments will remain in the activity feed unless they are manually deleted, regardless of how long ago they were made.

Showing/hiding record-level revision history

By default, the record-level revision history is visible inside the activity feed. If you wish to hide the record-level revision history inside the activity feed and you are an owner or collaborator with creator permissions, then you can click the base history button, select the Record revision history option, then switch off the toggle for Show history in expanded records. This is useful if you only want to see comments in your records' activity feeds.


If you want to hide comments and record-level revision history, you might want to hide the activity feed entirely. You can do this by expanding a record, then clicking the comment icon in the top right of the expanded record to hide comments and revision history.


Clearing revision history

The record revision history button also has the option to clear the revision history in all records. Warning! You will not be able to get this history back once you delete it, so be sure you wish to do so before clicking.

Note that:

  • Clearing the revision history doesn't delete any of the comments on your records.
  • This only clears the history per base, not per workspace or organization.



Is it possible to view revision history for fields or multiple records at a time?

No, revision history (and comment history) can be viewed only for a single record at a time.

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